Enabling Digital Transformation with BCG’s Data & Digital Platform

To serve your customers better, improve your offering, and boost your profits, your company—like most firms—might need to engage in a digital transformation. And that could entail reimagining end-to-end digital journeys, revamping industrial plants with digital capabilities, and improving customer targeting with digital marketing and personalization, among other initiatives.

Such a digital transformation is a journey—and it is fundamental to start modernizing IT early in this journey. Yet that does not mean that you need to revamp all your IT architecture before implementing digital services or launching pilots for data and digital uses that may never scale up. Rather, a critical first step is implementing a data and digital platform, which can both scale up and deliver value fast.

From Legacy Technology to Our Data & Digital Platform

Data is at the heart of all digital transformations, and to become data-driven, your company must modernize its IT legacy—such as ERP and mainframe systems. This will enable a massive ingestion of data and its usage across silos—as well as its accelerated processing.

Today’s latest technologies and new ways of working make it possible to break the compromise between building an industrial platform and achieving rapid results.

  • APIs and microservices increase the modularity of applications across channels.
  • Data lake technologies ensure that companies can ingest and store enormous amounts of structured and unstructured data and process it in real time, using an event-driven approach.
  • Cloud migration delivers ubiquitous access to data.

At BCG, we believe that successful digital transformation requires companies to build an industrial platform for data and digital technology. Such a platform addresses the business use cases and starts small to move fast. It then scales up at an industrial level.

  • The platform decouples the data layer from legacy systems to facilitate data sharing and usage.
  • It provides an environment for developing an interface between digital services and digitized processes.

BCG’s Expertise

BCG brings unique capabilities and deep expertise to digital transformation.

We count among our digital experts: IT architects, experts in data integration and migration, and technology and cloud specialists. We also address:

  • Digital design and engineering, including prototype implementation, platform build-out, architecture solution)
  • UX/strategic design
  • IT risk management, including PMI situations
  • Agile and DevOps approaches
  • Client enablement, client visits, and demos


We have already helped many of our clients build critical platforms to enable their digital transformation, including Malakoff Médéric and Renault.

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