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Sustainable Finance and Investing

The transition toward a more environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive world will create unprecedented financing opportunities and reallocation of capital flows. BCG works with clients to build capabilities in sustainable finance and investing.

To address the growing financial materiality of environmental and social topics, financial institutions are building new capabilities to pursue emerging financing opportunities and better manage ESG-related risks. This shift toward sustainable finance and investing is quickly becoming a source of competitive advantage.

At BCG, we work with financial institutions to develop enterprise-wide strategies and operating models for delivering on sustainable finance and investing ambitions. We help them translate their net-zero commitments into action. We also work with corporate and investment banks to more effectively pursue new sustainable finance opportunities. What’s more, we help asset and wealth managers to unlock the value of their sustainable investing capabilities, and to do so in a way that avoids greenwashing.

BCG’s Approach to Sustainable Finance and Investing

BCG helps banks, asset managers, and other financial institutions create competitive advantage in sustainable finance and investing. Here are just some of the ways we help clients:

  • Unlock business value through enterprise-wide sustainable investment strategies.  
  • Set ESG and sustainable finance targets, conduct benchmarking and scenario planning, and implement ESG and sustainable finance roadmaps. 
  • Develop social and sustainable finance frameworks and sustainable finance strategies. 
  • Identify and pursue high-impact sustainable investing opportunities that capture market share across environmental and social categories. 
  • Set net-zero targets for greenhouse gas emissions across portfolios and financial activities using CO2 FI, BCG’s proprietary measurement tool for financial institutions. 
  • Unlock the potential of carbon markets. 
  • Build forward-thinking ESG data and reporting capabilities, and effectively respond to demands from regulators, standard setters, and other stakeholders. 
  • Identify and quantify the relationship between valuation multiples and ESG scores. 
  • Establish a target operating model to deliver on sustainable finance and investing ambitions. 
  • Tailor sustainable finance solutions to corporations to help CFOs steer the sustainability journey and adapt to sustainable investing trends. 

Our Clients’ Success in Sustainable Finance and Investing

Our Insights on Sustainable Finance and Investing

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