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Risk Management and Compliance

Risk management and compliance can do more than mitigate threats and safeguard a company’s operations and reputation—it can create value. Our risk and compliance consulting team helps clients turn uncertainty into opportunity.

We view risk management and compliance through a wide-angle lens. While our teams are skilled at applying technical solutions to immediate problems, our focus isn’t simply “putting out fires” but rather on supporting management decision making. By identifying systemic or structural issues, we help organizations across all industries become more ethical and resilient—and more competitive—in ways that a narrower, less strategic assessment of risk and compliance could not achieve. The improvements are innovative, fundamental, and lasting.

We provide strategic, transformational, and technical offerings in risk and compliance, which include—but also extend well beyond—financial risk consulting and compliance consulting. We take a comprehensive view of financial and non-financial risks, including operational and strategic risks. This enables us to help our clients grow their businesses while staying ahead of key risks, anticipating regulatory shifts, and instilling ethical practices—all of which helps earn the trust of employees, stakeholders, investors, and the public.

How We Help Clients with Risk Management and Compliance

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ESG, Compliance, and Risk

In this BCG magazine published on LinkedIn, Julia Lingel collaborates with a team of BCG partners to provide new perspectives across a broad range of exciting topics, from holistic ESG risk management and the impact of new laws such as the Corporate Sanctions Act to the potential of digitization in compliance and leveraging agile in control functions.

Meet Our Risk Management and Compliance Leaders

Our risk and compliance consulting experts couple deep technical expertise with strategic orientation, working shoulder-to-shoulder with clients through their toughest crises and challenges. We stay a step ahead, ensuring our clients are prepared for tomorrow.

Risk Management and Compliance