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Portfolio Acceleration

For private equity investors, success hinges on turbocharging portfolio value creation. BCG’s portfolio consulting teams help investors craft high-yield, effective portfolio management strategies that improve portfolio companies’ top and bottom lines.

Private equity firms have long used three approaches to portfolio management to boost investment returns and portfolio value creation: leverage, multiple, and operations. Today, the most effective portfolio management actions center on enhancing performance in operations. BCG’s unique service offering—our full-potential plan approach—helps investors meet this imperative.

Our Approach to Effective Portfolio Value Creation

Each plan that we develop for our private equity clients activates multiple levers—with an emphasis on leaving no stone unturned. BCG’s full-potential plan approach to portfolio company management comprises eight steps:

As our portfolio consulting experts build portfolio acceleration plans for clients, we work with the exit always in mind. We determine how to maximize portfolio value creation during the holding period in order to command the highest sale price, with a focus on producing the greatest and fastest impact on performance for optimal portfolio company management.

Our Insights on Portfolio Operations, Private Equity, and Portfolio Acceleration


Boosting Investor Returns with Operational Strategy

BCG’s Tom Lutz discusses how the firm’s Portfolio Value Accelerator enhances investor returns by focusing on operational improvements.

Meet Our Portfolio Acceleration Consulting Team

BCG’s portfolio consulting team includes experts with a strong track record in portfolio operations, private equity, and portfolio company management. The team is backed by, and partners with, a network of more than 1,000 experts across industries in order to help clients deploy potent new approaches to portfolio management.

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