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Energy Transition

The energy transition is one of the world’s greatest collective challenges. BCG develops solutions with clients by integrating financial, technological, economical, and societal considerations to ensure a just energy transition.

The energy industry is at the heart of a sweeping transformation—an energy transition where industry lines are blurring and new ecosystems and players are emerging. We are enabling a global transformation that achieves positive climate impact while balancing sustainability, affordability, and reliability. 

Our Approach to Energy Transition Consulting

Energy transition is extraordinarily complex. It takes partners who are willing to step into the unknown and leverage both existing thinking and new innovations. Our approach blends strategy and implementation, and combines technical enablers—such as new low carbon technologies and artificial intelligence—with the best of human capabilities.

We consult on the full spectrum of energy transition services, including decarbonization solutions and corresponding business opportunities across industries. Our decarbonization efforts focus on scaling up new businesses and technologies such as carbon capture, hydrogen, large scale renewables, and energy storage. In addition, we work with clients on an array of strategic enablers such as workforce evolution, business resilience, and transparent, sustainable supply chains.

The energy transition requires reengineering processes, reorganizing for innovation and agility, and rethinking roles—and goals. It requires emerging technologies and a new culture, one that lets you more easily identify—and more quickly seize—new business opportunities. To accelerate the journey, we explore how to support the transition along four key areas:

BCG’s Client Work in Energy Transition Consulting

We partner with companies, governments, and organizations around the globe to support—and empower—sustainability leaders. We have successfully supported clients in reducing emissions and expanding their low-carbon technology projects, thereby unlocking new efficiencies, opportunities, and value. Here are a few examples of our work:

Eneco to be Climate Neutral by 2035

Eneco, a Rotterdam-based energy company, recently announced an ambitious plan to become carbon neutral by 2035. BCG’s Christophe Brognaux spoke with As Tempelman, Eneco’s CEO, to learn the story behind the “One Planet” plan—and why Tempelman believes it’s so important to act now on climate change and jump-start energy transitions in every industry.

Insights from Pratima Rangarajan, CEO of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative

Industry players have come together to create a $1 billion fund that will pilot, deploy, and scale new emission-reduction technologies—accelerating the global energy transition.

Our Center of Excellence

A Selection of Our Energy Transition Tools

We work with a broad range of bespoke tools to help our clients navigate the energy transition, including:

Explore Our Insights on Energy Transition

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Managing Both Sides of the Energy Transition

BCG's Vinay Shandal and Capital Power's CEO, Avik Dey, discuss the importance of both changing the supply stack and shifting the demand curve to deliver clean, reliable, and affordable electricity.

Meet Our Energy Transition Consulting Leaders

BCG’s team specializes in energy transition consulting and helps clients successfully navigate the equitable energy transition.

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