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As the travel and tourism industry emerges from the shock of the pandemic, companies have a clear opportunity to reset their business model and ways of working. Our tourism consulting experts help companies craft the right strategy for success.

COVID-19 challenged travel and tourism companies to think more boldly than ever. As these companies navigate continued changes to the industry, those that remain flexible and adaptive stand to gain significant market share and security. And fundamentals—like managing pricing and customer relationships—coupled with innovation will be key to a strong post-crisis performance.

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How BCG Helps Travel and Tourism Companies

We currently work with the top travel and tourism companies across the globe.

Over the past five years, we have collaborated on more than 1,100 travel and tourism initiatives, working closely with airlines, railways, the hotel industry, the cruise industry, theme parks, gaming and casinos, government tourism organizations, and more.

We treat travel and tourism as its own unique entity, not an offshoot of adjacent industry topics. Airlines and railroads look very different when seen through a travel and tourism lens versus a logistics and transportation lens. The difference is stark—and now more than ever, travel and tourism needs a highly customized approach. That’s what we offer at BCG.

Our Client Work in Travel and Tourism

Our travel and tourism consulting teams work with clients on a wide variety of topics, including strategy, people and organization, sales and distribution, post-merger integration, travel operations, digital operations, business transformation, digital transformation, pricing and revenue management, and social impact and sustainability. Here are just a few examples of our impact in travel and tourism and the hospitality industry.


In 2000, during a period of slow growth for airlines, five major US carriers—American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, and United —joined forces to create the travel portal Orbitz. BCG was involved in designing, building, and launching the startup from the beginning. Five managers from BCG oversaw operations, finance, IT, corporate development, and HR, and helped build a company that sold in 2004 for $1.25 billion. More recently, in partnership with Jeff Katz, the founding CEO of Orbitz Worldwide, BCG cofounded Journera, an industry-wide platform that provides secure, real-time data exchange to help companies create more seamless travel journeys. When it comes to big ideas, we don’t simply consult. We co-create.

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