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Salesforce Value Accelerator

Both new and existing Salesforce customers share an ambition to extract the greatest value from their investment. Our Salesforce Value Accelerator combines BCG’s digital, AI, and extensive industry know-how to help companies quickly launch and scale their largest, most high-value Salesforce transformations.

Companies can reap substantial benefits from successfully implementing Salesforce's customer relationship management (CRM) and industry solutions, including driving sales productivity, unlocking seller effectiveness, delivering customer satisfaction and impact across channels and touchpoints, and enhancing customer experience through personalized interactions and insights-driven offers.

But getting your CRM right is paramount. 30% of all CRM transformations fail—with 60% resulting in unachieved outcomes or actual losses due to common pitfalls, such as prioritizing technical and operational needs rather than users or focusing on transformation costs over business value. BCG's Salesforce Value Accelerator consultants help clients rapidly realize the full potential of their Salesforce investment by connecting core strategy to operational execution.

Our Approach to Salesforce Transformations

The Salesforce Value Accelerator consulting team acts as a business integrator to implement or upgrade Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other Salesforce offerings across marketing and sales, pricing, and customer service functions. Working across all layers of the client’s organization, we speak to everyone—from the C-suite to frontline workers, customers, and partners—to understand a company’s culture, people, and data. We integrate what we learn with our deep industry knowledge, Salesforce expertise, and proprietary AI tools to design and help execute transformation roadmaps that maximize operational execution for the client's desired strategic outcomes.

Our proven approach delivers tailored solutions, purpose-built for each company’s objectives and vision, allowing us to guide clients around common transformation pitfalls while creating stronger business models and better cost control on a faster timeline. We also bring configurable, scalable, best-of-breed solutions to optimize your extended CRM ecosystem.

Our Salesforce Value Accelerator consultants are dedicated to “low-volume, high-impact” strategy work, allowing for dedicated support that can be fully embedded in each individual organization’s processes and strategy. To deliver the greatest impact and maximum value potential across four interconnected workstreams, BCG’s Salesforce Value Accelerator operates four key offerings: design and CRM jumpstart, Salesforce-enabled GTM transformation, Salesforce reboot, and high-value use case activation.

Design and CRM Jumpstart

Salesforce-Enabled GTM Transformation

Salesforce Reboot

High-Value Use Case Activation

Our Clients’ Success with Salesforce Value Accelerator

Our Salesforce Business Integrator AI Tools and Solutions

Alongside an extensive toolkit built upon our deep functional and industry-specific expertise, we integrate select BCG X artificial intelligence solutions into Salesforce to accelerate value from CRM transformations.


DEEP AI brings the power of AI and humans together to enable hyper-personalized, end-to-end customer management—at scale.


Enabling companies to create their own competitive advantage across three consumer-facing dialogues, Fabriq is BCG X's personalization platform for marketing transformations.

Auto AI

Auto AI combines critical tech capabilities and business insights to unlock the value of AI in automotive through scalable, custom, end-to-end analytics solutions.



Lighthouse, BCG X's data-to-solutions accelerator, provides organizations with the AI solutions they need to inform key business decisions, drive more effective strategies, and amplify impact.

Our Insights on Salesforce Transformations

GenAI and the Path to Profit in B2B Sales

GenAI and the Path to Profit in B2B Sales

By empowering sales teams to sell more effectively, GenAI can enable organizations to reach more customers faster and better. To smooth the way, BCG has devised an approach structured in three horizons.


Engaging Consumers in a Generative AI World

Large language model-powered virtual assistants are about to get between traditional companies and their customers, forcing executives to make tough choices sooner than expected.

Meet Our Salesforce Value Accelerator Consulting Team

Our Salesforce Value Accelerator consultants include experts with deep functional and industry expertise, which allows us to customize project blueprints that meet the specific needs of a company’s business and industry sector. Here are some of our experts on the topic:

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