Renewables and Low-Carbon Solutions

Renewables and Low-Carbon Solutions

Energy development has a whole new meaning today, as companies search for the right strategies, investments, and operating models around low-carbon and renewable energy. BCG’s approach equips companies to maximize value from participation.

Renewable and low-carbon energy sources are essential for sustainability—and they create opportunities. For both established and emerging players in the energy industry, a low-carbon future opens the door to new businesses in areas like solar, wind, hydrogen, and carbon capture. But maximizing returns often means understanding—and developing—a host of new capabilities and enablers. Our low-carbon and renewable energy consultants tie it all together.

How BCG Helps with Low-Carbon Solutions and Renewable Energy

Our team draws on deep commercial, technical, and regulatory expertise to create low-carbon and renewable energy leaders. This multitiered approach helps clients master all the elements that drive success. For established players, these include low-carbon solutions and portfolio strategy, operating model, and talent, as well as go-to-market planning, M&A, and digital and operational excellence. For emerging players, key issues include raising capital and scaling manufacturing.

Add to this the many complexities around renewable and low-carbon energy sources: auctions; supply chains; and markets, regulations, and incentives that take different shapes—with different implications—across regions.

Our Approach to Renewables and Low-Carbon Solutions

By looking end to end at low-carbon and renewable energy, BCG’s renewables and low-carbon consulting experts can zero in on the challenges, questions, capabilities, and tactics that matter most for each client. And we can create optimal solutions. Here are some of our major areas of focus.

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Helping us steer the course to a low-carbon future is an array of proprietary tools, diagnostics, models, and market intelligence. These include the CCUS Hub Search, which matches clusters of CO2 sources with possible storage locations.

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Our experts accelerate transformation—and value creation—across the full clean energy ecosystem. Meet some of our team.