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Fashion Industry

Our fashion consultants help fashion retailers rethink strategy and optimize operations to meet the changing demands of consumers, production, and supply networks. Our fashion consulting team lives and breathes fashion, bringing decades of experience with major-brand clients.

Fashion consumers have responded to the pandemic by shifting to value, buying online, and breaking longtime loyalties to try new brands that meet new priorities. We help you respond to this consumer-driven environment, finding bold ways to reduce cost so you can invest in essential digital capabilities.

Taking a broad view of your core business and supply chain, we partner with you to identify the right use cases, first proving the benefits before transforming a specific customer experience or operational process—covering brand, product, pricing, store concept, and store execution.

Increasing Market Share by Revamping Operations

Like many players in the larger retail industry, fashion companies need to reduce the immediate gap in earnings before interest and taxes. They must then prepare for the future by focusing on aggressive cost management end to end—for example, by pursuing programs for the cost of goods sold, right-sizing corporate headquarters, creating more agile merchant teams, and increasing suppliers’ share of risk.These efforts are critical to funding the investments needed to remain competitive, such as digitizing production, resetting the distribution footprint, and creating new digital consumer pathways. To ensure success, we help clients attract the tech talent who will drive change and heighten the customer experience across digital channels.

Digitizing Without Compromising the Art of Fashion

Most of the fashion industry is still catching up with digitizing core processes. Selecting technology solutions is important, but attention to the people whose work must adjust to those solutions is equally critical. We call this balanced approach the bionic company, where new technologies are intertwined with human creativity to ensure that your talent continues to drive fashion innovation.

Our team is ahead of the curve in helping clients create compelling designs that capture the next trend while also operating faster and more efficiently. By customizing our approach to your business and employing our digital partners, BCG Gamma and BCG Platinion, we selectively optimize processes in both the back and the front of the house, including:

Our Client Work in the Fashion Industry

BCG’s fashion consulting teams have conducted more than 850 projects globally in the past five years in the fashion industry and luxury market. Some examples of our client work with fashion retailers include the following.

Turning Around a Global Jewelry Giant

BCG worked shoulder-to-shoulder with leading jewelry company Pandora to launch a transformation program that reignited passion for the brand and helped Pandora get closer than ever to its customers.

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Meet Our Fashion Consultants

Our Partnerships with Fashion Associations and Influencers

Fashion for Good is the global initiative that is here to make all fashion good. It’s a global platform for innovation, made possible through collaboration and community.

Sustainable Apparel Coalition is an industry-wide group working to reduce the environmental and social impacts of products around the world.

Highsnobiety focuses intently on culture, its role in shaping the future of luxury, and what brands can do to connect with the new fashion and luxury consumer.

Altagamma is an Italian association that includes many of its country’s most prestigious fashion and luxury brands.

Higg Co is a technology company with a suite of tools—the Higg Index—that enables retailers to improve their sustainability performance.

Council of Fashion Designers of America is a not-for-profit trade association devoted to supporting emerging design talent. Watch industry experts, including BCG's Sarah Willersdorf, discuss how New York Fashion Week can design and implement responsible practices to promote sustainability in fashion.

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