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Responsible AI 

When done right, responsible AI doesn’t just reduce risk. It also improves the performance of artificial intelligence systems, fostering trust and adoption while generating value. We help companies develop and operationalize a custom-fit framework for responsible AI.

Emerging regulations and generative AI are casting a spotlight on AI technology, but they don’t need to cast a shadow. Our perspective is that responsible AI is more than just risk mitigation, as it also an important value creator. The same mechanisms that reduce AI errors can accelerate innovation, promote differentiation, and elevate customer trust.

What Is Responsible AI? 

Responsible AI is the process of developing and operating artificial intelligence systems that align with organizational purpose and ethical values, achieving transformative business impact. By implementing RAI strategically, companies can resolve complex ethical questions around AI deployments and investments, accelerate innovation, and realize increased value from AI itself. Responsible AI gives leaders the ability to properly manage this powerful emerging technology.

How We Help Companies Implement Responsible AI

So far, relatively few companies have unleashed this strategic approach to responsible AI. What’s the holdup? For some organizations, the leap from responsible AI ambition to execution has proved daunting. Others are waiting to see what form regulations take. But responsible AI principles can bring benefits now as they prepare companies for new rules and the latest emerging AI technology.

Our battle-tested framework minimizes the time to RAI maturity while maximizing the value responsible AI can create. Built on five pillars, it is tailored to each organization’s unique starting point, culture.

Responsible AI strategy

AI Governance

Key Processes

Technology and Tools


Our Clients’ Success in Responsible AI

BCG’s responsible AI consultants have partnered with organizations around the globe in many industry sectors, creating personalized solutions that provide AI transparency and value. Here are some examples of our work.

Our Responsible AI Recognition and Awards

As one of the leading consulting firms on AI governance, we are proud to be recognized for the excellence of our work advancing responsible AI, setting the stage for broader and more transparent use of AI technology.

  • Shortlisted for Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Europe Risk Management Award, 2023. Steven Mills and the BCG X legal team were shortlisted for the 2023 FT Innovative Lawyers Europe Award, recognizing legal teams that demonstrated leadership, originality, and impact with their risk management work in Europe.
  • Finalist for Leading Enterprise in the Responsible AI Institute RAISE Awards, 2022. BCG was nominated and shortlisted for the RAISE 2022 Leading Enterprise Award, recognizing organizations leading efforts to narrow the responsible AI implementation gap and create space for critical conversations about the current state of the field.
  • Top 100 Most Influential People in Data, DataIQ, 2022. Steven Mills was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Data by DataIQ for his work in responsible AI and on the unintended harms caused by biased AI systems.

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BCG’s Tools and Solutions for Responsible AI

Our responsible AI consultants can draw on BCG’s global network of industry and technology experts. But they can also call on powerful tools for implementing RAI.

RAI Maturity Assessment

Supported by the data collected in our survey with MIT SMR, this proprietary tool benchmarks companies across the five pillars of responsible AI, providing insight into strengths, gaps, and areas for focus.


AI transparency is crucial to building trust and adoption. But it’s often elusive, as AI can be a ‘black box’ that produces results without explaining its decision-making processes. FACET opens the box by helping human operators understand advanced machine learning models.

Introducing ARTKIT

ARTKIT is BCG X’s open-source toolkit for red teaming new GenAI systems. It enables data scientists, engineers, and business decision makers to quickly close the gap between developing innovative GenAI proofs of concept and launching those concepts into the market as fully reliable, enterprise-scale solutions. ARTKIT combines human-based and automated testing, giving tech practitioners the tools they need to test new GenAI systems for:

  • Proficiency—ensuring that the system consistently generates the intended value
  • Safety—ensuring that it prevents harmful or offensive outputs
  • Equality—ensuring that it promotes fairness in quality of service and equal access to resources
  • Security—ensuring that it safeguards sensitive data and systems against bad actors
  • Compliance—ensuring that it adheres to relevant legal, policy, regulatory, and ethical standards

ARTKIT enables teams to use their critical thinking and creativity to quickly mitigate potential risk. The goal is to help business decision makers and leaders harness the full power of GenAI, knowing that the results will be safe and equitable—and will deliver measurable, meaningful business impact.

Make Testing and Evaluation an Ongoing Part of GenAI Development

GenAI is already demonstrating the power to transform business. To minimize rise and maximize value creation, Steven Mills, Chief AI Ethics Officer and Managing Director and Partner at BCG, illustrates why data scientists and engineers must build system guardrails as early as possible.

Automate Testing and Evolution, Focus on Solutions

BCG X’s new ARTKIT toolkit solves key engineering challenges by streamlining manual and automated testing, evaluation, and reporting. Randi Griffin, Lead Data Scientist at BCG X, describes ARTKIT’s ability to bridge critical gaps so teams can focus on developing tailored GenAI solutions.

Our Insights on Responsible AI 

BCG’s AI Code of Conduct

At BCG, we lead with integrity—and the responsible use of artificial intelligence is fundamental to our approach. We aim to set an ethical standard for AI in our industry, and we empower our clients to make the right economic and ethical decisions.

See how we’re fulfilling this commitment


Putting AI Standards into Action

BCG’s Steve Mills and RAI Institute’s Var Shankar break down the different types of AI governance —and the steps business leaders can take to initiate AI standards.

Featured AI Ethics Consulting Experts

BCG’s responsible AI consultants are thought leaders who are also team leaders, working on the ground with clients to accelerate the responsible AI journey. Here are some of our experts on the topic.

Additional Team Members

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