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Transportation and Logistics

Fundamental changes in the transportation and logistics industry demand that companies radically reinvent themselves to succeed. BCG’s logistics consulting and transportation consulting teams help clients embrace digital innovation, restructure, and better serve their customers.

Defending against this industrywide transformation can seem impossible. By contrast, embracing transformation—and outpacing it with a companywide transformation of your own—opens up possibilities for transportation and logistics companies.

Where We Deliver Value in the Transportation and Logistics Industry

Our transportation and logistics consulting team achieves transformations across the postal and parcel, rail, shipping, and logistics industries to help clients:

  • Shape strategy in the pursuit of growth. We help you tailor your operating model and organization to the current realities of the market—and to anticipate the changes you’ll need for the future.
  • Invest continuously in tech, analytics, and capabilities. We help you digitize your business on your own—or partner with disruptive players upending logistics operations and the transportation market.
  • Embrace greener supply chains and technologies. We help navigate new regulations and their implications, such as the shipping fuel regulations in light of IMO 2020. We also move beyond compliance, helping to meet customers’ rising demand for environmentally sustainable services.
  • Deliver service excellence. With our guidance, you can deploy a multichannel strategy to develop and deliver an end-to-end customer journey.
  • Understand and adapt to market dynamics. We help you respond to current trends in trade, tariffs, and protectionism—and anticipate new and emerging shifts.

Our Clients’ Success in Transportation and Logistics

How Autostrade per l’Italia Is Building Infrastructure for the Future

Alberto Milvio, former CFO of Autostrade per l’Italia Group, and Concetta Testa, head of sustainability, share how the company is working to realize sustainable infrastructure. 

Tackling Decarbonization with the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon

CEO Bo Cerup-Simonsen outlines the critical role that the newly formed organization will play in generating sustainable shipping by helping to innovate, implement, and scale the solutions that are best for society.

Our Center for Excellence

Our Featured Tools and Solutions


Container XChange

This digital transportation marketplace, originally built by BCG, matches the supply of and demand for containers across competing providers. This tool helps clients reduce their costs and carbon intensity and increase their supply chain efficiency.

Le supply chain nell'era post-Covid

Shipping Benchmark Initiative

This initiative provides an easy way for shipping companies to compare their costs and performance with competitors across the industry. It uses data from more than 3,000 of the world’s commercial vessels to help companies improve their competitiveness, learn best practices, keep up with the latest industry trends, and educate stakeholders about the value they provide.

Our New ESG Playbook for Shipping

Meet Our Transportation and Logistics Consulting Leaders

Our Latest Insights on Transportation and Logistics

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Voyaging Toward a Greener Maritime Future

By segmenting shipowners and operators according to their commitment to decarbonization, stakeholders can accelerate their adoption of capabilities and technologies to reduce those emissions.

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