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A forward-thinking CEO agenda has never been more crucial. Our CEO insights give you greater clarity on what lies ahead, helping you lead with confidence and passion. Based on our work with companies across the globe and thousands of CEO conversations, we’ve identified the foundations of a powerful, sustainable CEO agenda.


BCG’s analysis of more than 4,500 earnings calls reveals a sharp and fairly steady increase in mentions of AI since ChatGPT’s November 2022 release. But as the initial “wow factor” fades, the AI conversation is diversifying away from general topics and toward more strategic, proactive ones. On a regional level, APAC’s years-long lead is narrowing, with talk of AI on earnings calls dipping during the first quarter of 2024. Meanwhile, EMEA saw a sizable increase to overtake North America, where AI mentions are also rising.

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Maximize Your Personal Effectiveness

CEO growth is professional and personal. Here’s how you can succeed at both.

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Imagine This... The Next-Gen CEO

The CEO’s role will evolve into something far different: chief ecosystem orchestrator. Responsibilities and the skills required to successfully lead will shift significantly. BCG’s Judith Wallenstein explains how these CEOs of the future could navigate the blurred boundaries among companies, industries, and nations.

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How CEOs Spend Their Time

CBRE's CEO Bob Sulentic and BCG's Jeff Hill discuss strategies for clearing the clutter out of your day.

Harness Transformative Technologies

Transformative technologies such as generative AI are rapidly changing the way companies do business. As the gulf widens between early winners and hesitant observers, here’s how you can leverage innovative technologies strategically, responsibly, and humanly.

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From Potential to Profit with GenAI

BCG’s survey of 1,400+ C-suite executives reveals that GenAI is quickly changing the way companies do business—and big gaps are emerging between the winners and the observers.


Responsible AI Belongs on the CEO Agenda

Everyone from customers to investors wants AI done right. CEOs who take the lead in implementing Responsible AI can better manage the technology’s many risks.


What CEOs Need to Know About Deep Tech

Any business that has set sustainability goals, produces a physical product, or supports a business that produces a physical product will need to incorporate one or more deep technologies.

Hear from Fellow CEOs

No one understands the unique challenges CEOs face quite like other chief executives. Explore our CEO conversations to learn how your peers spend their time, achieve breakthroughs, and find greater purpose professionally and personally

Build Leadership and Culture

A CEO’s strategy impacts the next generation of leaders and talent. Companies with a systematic approach to activate leaders see transformation success rates that are three times higher than those of their competitors that activate leaders. Here’s how you can advance a leadership and talent culture that helps your company keep winning long past your tenure.

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How CEOs Can Navigate a Polarized World

CEOs have become more cautious and strategic about taking public stands on politically charged issues. But upcoming elections will put this measured approach to the test.

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Imagine This... A Bot in the C-Suite?

By 2030, the best CIO might be a CIB: a chief intelligence bot. And the human CEO might be bolstered by a swarm of CEO bots. BCG’s Mickey McManus envisions a future where top leaders share the corner office with AI—blending logic with human intuition.

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Harvard Business Review

What’s Fueling Burnout in Your Organization?

Many people believe burnout is driven by excessive work demands. In fact, it’s driven by a specific type of demand–work that requires too much collaboration between individuals or teams of employees.

Create Strategic and Competitive Advantage

Your company’s growth, resilience, and competitiveness depend on how strategically you anticipate, prepare for, and respond to both challenges and opportunities. Here’s how you can create a clear, forward-thinking strategy and initiate bold, nimble moves to drive growth and carve a commanding position in the business landscape.

Cost Transformations in Turbulent Times Hero Rectangle

Cost Transformations in Turbulent Times

Most company efforts to reduce expenses fail. Four challenges block the way: two deal with which costs get cut and two are related to how value is delivered.

Harvard Business Review

Your Strategy Needs a Story

Business strategy is usually born of a highly rational process, grounded in facts and analysis. Storytelling, often associated with fiction and entertainment, may seem like the antithesis of strategy. But the two are not incompatible.

Harvard Business Review

Strategy in a Hyperpolitical World

The assumption that business and politics can and even should be kept separate is no longer realistic, the authors write, and messaging from the corporate affairs department is insufficient to defuse political issues when they arise.

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A successful CEO agenda anticipates and prepares for a future that may look very different from today. Stay ahead of the curve with two of BCG’s podcasts: First, Imagine This..., a podcast for CEOs that imagines where the next big disruptions might emerge and explores tangible actions CEOs can take now to get ready. Secondly, CEO Digest, which bridges human insights with AI efficiency to deliver big impact in a short podcast for busy CEOs.

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Podcast Series

Imagine This...

Explore CEO preparedness for future disruptions with Imagine This... by BCG, a podcast that helps CEOs consider possible futures for our world—and their businesses.

CEO Digest Podcast
Monthly Feature: June

CEO Digest: Sustainability and Competitive Advantage + More

Which BCG insights does our AI highlight as most relevant to CEOs this month? The threads that pull sustainability and competitive advantage together, practical steps to take now to ready your company for a new economic order, how to move beyond cost-cutting to achieve real cost management.

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