Retail Industry

Retail Industry

The future of retail is here, with digital investments now essential to meet consumers' evolving needs and fend off new competitors. BCG's retail consulting team helps clients develop and deliver the right retail strategy to thrive in this dynamic environment.

Many companies in the retail industry are rich in data but have yet to harness it as a real driver of the business. Now, nothing less will do. BCG helps retailers prioritize digital efforts as part of an adaptable retail strategy that is more responsive to customer needs than ever before, and guides those looking to create and fund new sources of growth.

How We Help Clients Create a Retail Strategy for the New Reality

BCG’s retail consulting teams are composed of retail industry experts with skill sets that span the entire digital space, supported by proprietary platforms and solutions from BCG X, our tech build and design unit. Our work focuses on improving the commercial proposition, formats, and omnichannel and operations capabilities needed to deliver on retail strategy.

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Our Client Work in the Retail Industry


Our Retail Industry Solutions

Retail AI

Using holistic, tailored retail intelligence software, our Retail AI technology unlocks critical advantages across the six vital components of the value chain. Establish competitive advantage with Retail AI by ensuring the availability of goods and services, examining customer data, and predicting future behavior.

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Smart Allocation by BCG

Turbocharged by BCG X's technology asset Alloc AI, Smart Allocation offers an integrated transformation experience. Leveraging BCG’s deep expertise and transformation capabilities, Smart Allocation optimizes marketing and commercial budget allocation across salesforce and direct-to-consumer touchpoints.


Meet Our Retail Consulting Leaders

By blending the capabilities and experience of each retail consultant assigned to your project, we create the optimal team to identify and meet your challenges.

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