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Digital Marketing

In an ever-changing world, consumer needs and expectations are rapidly evolving. And digital marketing organizations must understand these shifts, and respond quickly to them. BCG helps companies develop the human and technical capabilities that foster speed, precision, and growth.

Digital channels are essential social and economic infrastructure. COVID-19 accelerated this trend, as consumers moved online at an unprecedented rate and digital became—as it will remain—a critical enabler of business continuity. Not surprisingly, CMOs are under increasing pressure to boost the performance of their digital marketing strategy and capabilities.

The key is to be built for the future, leveraging the right mix of human and technical enablers: the skills, processes, marketing analytics, KPIs, and ways of working that create value and growth. With so many pieces to fit together, finding the ideal framework for digital marketing might seem like an impossible goal. But it can be done.

How We Work with Digital Marketing Clients

By taking a bionic approach, we help identify, develop, and implement all the components for digital marketing transformation. Our digital marketing consultants work with clients to define outcomes—and build an agile, integrated, sustainable digital marketing framework for achieving them. We can do this because our expertise spans the breadth of strategy, technology, and digital optimization:

Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing Technology

First-party data

Vendor Evaluation

Acceleration and Optimization

A Foundation for growth

Client Success in Digital Marketing

We partner with the world’s leading brands on all facets of digital marketing, with a particular focus on data-driven marketing and marketing analytics. Some of our recent collaborations include:

Distilling Lessons in Digital Marketing and Sales

Pierre-Yves Calloc’h, chief digital officer at Pernod Ricard, explains how BCG and BCG X helped the wine and spirits company build and deploy digital programs that have improved P&L by optimizing brand investment, promotion calendars, and sales activities.

Making the Most of Consumer Data at Nestle

The food and beverage giant partnered with BCG to identify impact, drive value, and make better decisions across its brands in France.

Our Digital Marketing Tools and Solutions

BCG’s digital marketing consultants have tackled challenges across industries. We combine experience in traditional marketing with deep knowledge of the models, technologies, and platforms that support—and shape—digital marketing strategy. We also leverage proprietary BCG tools:


Growth AI by BCG

This holistic suite of AI offerings is designed to maximize the growth potential of consumer packaged goods companies. It supports data-driven decisions across and within standard commercial functions including pricing and promotion, marketing allocation, product and service innovation, and route-to-consumer sales to improve strategy, planning, and execution.


Lighthouse: Data and Analytics for Real-Time Demand Forecasting

Lighthouse by BCG is a data and analytics platform that helps companies understand, and respond to, rapid shifts in demand. It captures real-time signals from thousands of sources to support next-generation forecasting—so companies can turn intelligence to action, optimizing their marketing strategies and resource allocation in volatile times.



MAKER’s mission is to build capabilities instead of dependencies—to provide companies with the digital tools, knowledge, and resources that let them take control of their digital marketing transformation. Powered by the depth and experience of BCG’s digital experts, MAKER fosters self-sufficiency, emphasizing the upskilling and enablement that, over time, lets us step aside. And lets our clients keep moving ahead.

Exclusive Download

The Future Is Mainstream Green: Introducing a New Growth Strategy

This is a guide for chief marketing officers to take green beyond niche and into the mainstream. Mainstream Green is about driving sustainable choices by all consumers, not just those who are moved by sustainable claims. To reach our collective climate ambitions, we need massive consumer change—a widespread embrace of new products, new services, new marketing, and new behaviors.

CMOs are well positioned to drive customer-centric change because they understand consumers’ concerns and aspirations and have a platform within companies to make change happen. By following this guide, CMOs can take practical steps toward helping us get to Mainstream Green.

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What’s Next in Video Advertising?

BCG, Google, and Omnicom Media Group are laying the groundwork for “unified video,” a holistic approach that reduces the complexity of decision making and helps advertisers sync their spend with the media that their target audience consumes.

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