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Metals and Mining Industry

The metals and mining industry is facing unprecedented volatility. BCG helps clients throughout the industry’s value chain excel amid a fast-changing landscape.

Recent trends in the mining and metals industry have put new pressures on companies to rethink their approaches to mining strategy and transform their industrial metal operations.

Rising demand for electric vehicles has increased demand for battery metals and lowered demand for specialty long steel; trade protections have stiffened; and pressure to meet environmental sustainability targets has mounted, forcing executives to grapple with new complexities. At the same time, while new digital technologies have enabled metals and mining industry players to achieve impressive gains in operational efficiency and effectiveness, they have also presented fresh challenges.

BCG’s metals and mining consulting experts help clients grasp the complex forces reshaping the industry and craft the right strategies and operating models to meet new imperatives.

How BCG’s Metals and Mining Consulting Teams Deliver Value

BCG’s global teams of experts specialize in both the mining industry and metals industry (including steel, aluminum, copper, and other base metals). We partner closely with clients to help them engineer the strategic and operational shifts needed to stay competitive. We also help clients manage large-scale change and build the in-house capabilities that are essential for sustaining success.

Cutting-Edge Solutions and Tools

BCG’s ability to combine expertise in operations transformation with knowledge of digital and analytics technologies is unique in the metals and mining consulting industry. This skill has earned us accolades and long-term partnerships across all commodities and diverse geographies.

Our proprietary solutions and advanced analytics tools enable clients to achieve unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness in every aspect of their businesses, including operations, strategy, and logistics.

BCG solutions include the following.



Mine Operating Systems Transformation (MOST)

LESS Capital Approach to Megaprojects

Steel Market Model

Commodity Markets Insights

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Meet BCG’s Metals and Mining Industry Consulting Experts

Our Latest Thinking on the Metals and Mining Industry

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