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Technology Industry

Innovation isn’t limited to releasing new products. Companies must continuously reinvent how they compete—and embrace their outsize role in society. We guide the way.

No industry creates more value in today’s economy than the technology industry. Its innovations fuel the digital world. But tech is also one of the most volatile industries, experiencing constant disruption that challenges even the strongest organizations. Incumbency is often a liability. And with its outsized impact, the tech industry is subject to increased scrutiny—which means leaders are in a state of always-on transformation, and must constantly examine how they contribute to society.

At BCG, we help tech leaders go further and faster, and we also help companies rediscover and activate their purpose. Companies that link performance and purpose turn vision into value—for the world and themselves.

Our Tailored Approach to Technology Industry Consulting

Our approach to client work recognizes that the technology industry is actually many sectors, with unique challenges and opportunities in each.

Growth Tech

IT Services

Semiconductors and Materials



Consumer Tech: End-User Devices

Consumer Tech: Apps and Services

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Our Impact on the Tech Industry

Our technology industry consulting experts help companies go further, faster, by transforming operating models, ways of working, and such core functions as pricing, sales, and product innovation and engineering. We draw upon a global network of thought leaders, as well as digital businesses such as BCG GAMMA and BCG Platinion. Here are some examples of our impact:

How We Link Performance and Purpose in the Technology Industry

Companies that unleash the power of purpose—the “why” driving what they do—can achieve tremendous social impact. They can transform productivity and profitability, too. Our technology experts, along with our global creative consultancy, BrightHouse, help companies activate their purpose and embed it throughout their organizations.

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