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Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies face a landscape transformed by disruption. BCG’s FMCG consultants help clients keep up with the pace of change and define a path to advantage.

The FMCG sector has an unmatched history of value creation performance—thanks to powerful brands, functionally superior products, and scaled operations. But slowdowns in global customer demand, multiple shifts in the customer landscape, and a loss of traditional scale advantages (due to new, digitally enabled models and the rise of e-commerce) have caused the sector to underperform since 2017.

The pandemic only accelerated the decline. Looking forward, incumbents will—for the first time—be hit by multiple disruptions simultaneously, including a radical reshaping of shopping and channels, further erosion of scale advantages, and a heightened focus on social impact and purpose. Meanwhile, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence will continue to revolutionize FMCG business models. Our FMCG consulting experts help clients launch the transformations essential for meeting these challenges and thriving in the new reality.

How BCG Helps the FMCG Sector Meet Five Strategic Imperatives

Our FMCG consultants work shoulder to shoulder with clients to enable them to meet five strategic imperatives vital for sustaining success. For each imperative, we help clients activate high-impact levers for transformation.

We back deployment of transformational levers with proven approaches and methodologies. For example:

Our Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Solutions

Growth AI by BCG

This holistic suite of AI offerings is designed to maximize the growth potential of consumer packaged goods companies. It supports data-driven decisions across and within standard commercial functions including pricing and promotion, marketing allocation, product and service innovation, and route-to-consumer sales to improve strategy, planning, and execution.

Smart Allocation by BCG

Turbocharged by BCG X's technology asset Alloc AI, Smart Allocation offers an integrated transformation experience. Leveraging BCG’s deep expertise and transformation capabilities, Smart Allocation optimizes marketing and commercial budget allocation across salesforce and direct-to-consumer touchpoints.

Our Insights on Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Meet Our FMCG Consulting Team

BCG’s FMCG consultants draw on their understanding of the unique characteristics of FMCG and the forces shaping the future of the FMCG sector. We help clients excel on multiple fronts including FMCG marketing strategy, trade promotion management, and FMCG sales and distribution management.

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