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Personalization is a competitive differentiator across industries—and leaders have a serious advantage. BCG’s approach to customer personalization enables organizations to achieve ten times the growth in marketing speed and scale.

Personalization is driving big numbers across sectors. Financial services companies are using personalized marketing to increase revenue by more than 30%; health care organizations are improving ROI up to 300%; and retail brands are increasing incremental revenue by $1 billion over three years.

Leaders in personalization grow revenue 10 percentage points faster annually than laggards and enjoy higher customer satisfaction scores.


What is personalization?

Our Approach to Personalization

BCG’s personalization consulting team works side-by-side with your team and as a strategic partner on your personalization journey. We bring a combination of artificial intelligence and organizational intelligence across data, technology, strategy, and ways of working to scale your data and insights by 10 times, show your customers 10 times more relevant content, and drive 10 points faster growth from customers who engage with personalization. 

To do this, the team has created what they call the five promises of personalization, or promises a company makes to its customers and needs to live up to. These promises—defined as empower me, know me, reach me, show me, and delight me—are essential are essential to realizing the full potential of personalization.

Empower me

Which steps and use cases in the customer journey do you want to personalize?

Empowering the customer requires a commitment to approach every customer as unique. Our approach allows you to deliver personalized offers and experiences that support and inspire customers, and ultimately foster lasting relationships.

Know me

How integrated is your customer data? Which collection methods are in place?

Effective personalized marketing requires an in-depth understanding of your customers. Our approach to personalization helps you to deepen and broaden customer relationships to enable more relevant personalized interactions through a real-time, 360-degree view of the customer—including who they are, what they want, and how they have engaged so far—with data sets informed by direct customer relationships.

Reach me

What is the current state of your intelligence capabilities? How do they map to your personalization efforts?

A successful approach to customer personalization hinges on connecting with the right customer, in the right channel, at the right moment. Our personalization consulting experts leverage always-on intelligence to design and activate personalization experiments at scale, as well as orchestrate next-best actions across channels.

Show me

Is your current state of your content development scalable?

A crucial element of customer personalization is delivering the right content to each individual customer. We help clients to create and tailor dynamic content in real-time—by leveraging generative AI— to speak individually to each customer.

Delight me

How frequently are you measuring and updating touchpoints based on new interactions?

Successful personalization requires you to continuously learn about your customers. Our approach to personalized marketing is focused on enabling you to learn from each customer interaction and to make rapid improvements to the customer experience based on insights from real-time touchpoints.

Delivering on these five pillars helps organizations to engage customers and market to prospects in a fundamentally different way; one that creates a self-funded cycle through audience-based insights and technology, while avoiding the common roadblocks company’s face in their personalization efforts.

Common Roadblocks in Personalization

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Personalized: Customer Experience in the Age of AI

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Our Personalization Tools and Solutions

BCG’s personalization consulting toolkit draws upon a unique combination of industry, technology, and functional expertise. We leverage agency-like capabilities, cutting-edge analytics, and an array of proprietary tools to help companies build scalable personalization businesses. Some of our key personalization consulting resources include:

BCG Personalization Index™ Assessment

Our personalization consulting experts have quantified our learnings into the BCG Personalization Index™, an assessment of personalization maturity at both the individual company and industry levels. The insights from this assessment will help you to prioritize your strategic roadmap, drive growth, and improve customer satisfaction.

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BCG’s tech build and design unit brings together advanced tech knowledge and ambitious entrepreneurship to help organizations understand personalization marketing trends, build a marketing personalization platform, and enable innovation at scale. Its global team of world-class technologists, scientists, programmers, engineers, and designers includes experts using AI, machine learning, and data to drive business transformation through personalization.

Fabriq by BCG

A state-of-the-art set of tools, modules, and integration capabilities, Fabriq by BCG enables users to integrate our modular architecture into their existing technology stack and implement new digital personalization initiatives quickly and effectively, without further scaling or refactoring efforts.

Our Awards and Recognition for Personalization Consulting

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2024 SIIA CODiE Award: Best Marketing Solution - Fabriq by BCG

BCG and BCG X won the 2024 CODiE Award for Best Marketing Solution for Fabriq by BCG. The award recognizes the best solution that enables companies to plan, target, market, and measure the effectiveness of campaigns promoting products and services to consumers and/or businesses online, off-line and via mobile devices. The CODiE Awards judges noted, "Fabriq empowers marketers with a powerful suite of tools for real-time personalization, media spend optimization, and seamless campaign management with existing tech stack. Its ability to bridge the tech gap, cater to diverse campaign goals, and deliver measurable results makes it a super competitive solution for brands looking to personalize customer experiences and maximize marketing ROI."

Our Clients’ Success in Personalized Marketing

Our personalization consulting team has worked with leaders in personalization—and empowered others to join their ranks. Some of the best examples of personalization success include:

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Meet Our Personalization Consulting Team

Our personalization consulting experts have created large-scale personalization programs across industries and geographies, honing one-to-one marketing personalization strategies, and building the enablers for sustainable, long-term success.

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