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Corporate Finance and Strategy

Today’s business leaders face an ongoing challenge: how do you create exceptional value in a world of rapidly shifting competitive advantage? They need strategic insights into how the world is likely to change—and the ability to leverage those insights for long-term success.

Strategy and value creation are part of BCG’s DNA. Through the experience curve, growth-share matrix, and digital deconstruction, BCG has been at the forefront of strategic innovation. Our corporate finance and strategy consulting team helps clients drive growth and attract talent, and a great stock, attracting investors, and delivering value for stakeholders.

Our Corporate Finance and Strategy Consulting Services

How We Work with Corporate Strategy and Finance Clients 

  • Develop a clear vision: We help you devise a winning corporate strategy that identifies the optimal business portfolio, prioritizes the right growth platforms, and establishes a financial plan that drives value.
  • Define your journey: We help you develop a business strategy that not only takes the competition into account, but also affords you the creativity to follow your organization’s unique path to win.
  • Deliver and defend: We partner with you to shape corporate, business, financial and investor strategies that create sustained value, maximize results and shield against the rising tide of shareholder activism.
  • Maximize the value of transactions: We support your business with end-to-end transaction excellence, including strategic decision-making in mergers and acquisitions, supporting IPOs and spinoffs, and creating winning strategies for post-merger integration.
  • Remain agile and ahead: We help you improve overall strategy function by implementing planning processes focused on insight, preparedness, and agility for long term success.
  • Achieve superior business results: We help you build a world-class finance team and an approach to financial management that is aligned with strategy, digital, and adept at creating and sustaining a performance culture.
  • Prepare and mitigate: We provide strategic, transformational, and technical offerings in risk and compliance that help you turn uncertainty into opportunity.
  • Optimize success within family businesses: We help families in business navigate their distinct challenges and capitalize on their unique advantages.

Our Centers of Excellence

Build for the Future Ambient Hero

Build for the Future

BCG’s research reveals six key success factors and the steps companies need to take to drive innovation, gain competitive advantage, and build for the future.

Our Latest Thinking on Corporate Finance and Strategy

Value Creators Report Collection

BCG Value Creators Report: The Collection

Companies can gain an edge by matching their strategic style to the conditions of their industry, business function, or geographic market, according to research featured in Harvard Business Review.

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Perspectives on Strategy and Value: Insights on creating sustainable value in an uncertain world.

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Perspectives on Strategy and Value: Insights on creating sustainable value in an uncertain world.

Corporate Finance and Strategy