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Wholesale Banking

In today’s uncertain environment, BCG’s wholesale banking consultants believe that reinvention is essential to creating value for the corporate banking industry. But continuing to use the same logic of previous initiatives will not be effective.


Our Approach to Wholesale Banking Business Challenges

Our solutions address fundamental elements of the corporate banking reinvention journey:

  • Data and Analytics: We accelerate and capture profit potential by using advanced data and analytics in a proven change management approach to grow profit by approximately 15% to 20%. 
  • Radical Cost Reduction: We identify the most relevant cost vectors, as well as those with the most impact, to go beyond tightening the belt to achieve a radical cost reduction of 20% to 30%. 
  • Balance Sheet Optimization: We help clients develop a new dynamic capability to integrate stress testing with balance sheet optimization, to support financial resilience and create a fortress balance sheet. 
  • Sustainable Finance: We work with wholesale banks to define and implement their decarbonization ambitions, helping them drive sustainable finance impact through operating-model redesign, risk management, and solutions for their clients and their products. 
  • Digital Transformation: Digital transformation is imperative to prepare wholesale banking for the future. We help clients identify the most effective levers of a digital transformation to drive significant profitability and guarantee relevance in the post digital age. 
  • Large Regulatory Tech Programs: Many wholesale banks have legacy IT architecture systems that are inflexible, hinder time to market, and incur increasing costs. Our specialists help clients choose the best structure with cross-asset functionality to meet their specific needs.
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Our Insights on Wholesale Banking

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Meet Our Wholesale Banking Consulting Leaders

BCG’s wholesale banking consulting teams comprise industry practitioners; technology, data, and artificial intelligence specialists; and climate, finance, risk, and regulatory experts. These teams support banking and nonbanking institutions across the wholesale banking ecosystem on a global scale.

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