Digital Turbocharges Support Function & Shared Service Performance

Digital Support Functions and Shared Services

Support functions live at the center of a company but are rarely centered around value. BCG develops the vision, capabilities, and processes that allow support functions—such as digital shared services, finance, HR, and procurement—to spark growth and resilience while containing costs.

Savvy companies are extracting value from their own backyard—or, more precisely, back office. Through new approaches to business support functions, they’re achieving dramatic increases in productivity and cost reduction. They’re delivering better services faster. And they’re giving back time to employees—so they can focus on the work that spurs growth.

Transforming support functions isn’t just about going digital. It’s also about designing user-centric processes and applying the right mix of automation, simplification, and organizational change. BCG develops the technical and human enablers—the strategy, technology, and operating model—that help companies add value through digital shared services and support functions.

How BCG Supports Digital Support Functions and Shared Services

We take a holistic approach to optimizing business support functions, orchestrating the many capabilities, processes, and behaviors that come into play. We also help companies identify the moments that matter for customers and employees, so they can radically prioritize excellent services at those times. Our work aims to solve five major client challenges, taking companies from strategy to implementation, while enabling them to keep the momentum going once we hand over the reins.

    End-to-End Process Transformation

    Technology and Data Enablement for Support Functions

    Next-Gen Operating Model

    Shared Services Centers Design

    Cost Excellence

    Our Client Impact in Digital Support Functions and Shared Services

    We’ve helped many companies, across industries and geographies, transform their business support functions. Some examples include:


    Our Support Function Tools and Solutions

    BCG’s digital support functions consulting combines industry-specific knowledge with expertise in such areas as digital technologies, organizational design, and change management. We also draw upon the resources of our tech build and design unit, BCG X—including technologists, scientists, programmers, engineers, and human-centered designers. The result: we don’t just identify the most promising use cases for the digital back office. We accelerate them. Our teams are supported by an array of proprietary tools.


    Our Insights on Digital Support Functions and Shared Services

    Platforms! Why Now?

    Platforms! Why Now?

    Rather than attempting once again to optimize the matrix, companies are looking for new organizational solutions.

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