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Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

TMT companies don’t just look to the future—they define it. We help unleash their full potential, so they can turn possibilities into reality. And advance the world.

Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) companies deliver the products, infrastructure, and content that boost resilience and sustainability across industries, and across society. But they also face challenges that require them to think boldly, respond quickly, and continuously improve. BCG’s TMT consultants help companies do that, working collaboratively with them to build a foundation for delivering tangible and lasting change.


How We Work with TMT Clients

As the TMT industry experiences new shifts and dynamics, challenges—and opportunities—are evolving. We collaborate with clients in a full range of topic areas. Here are just a few:


Meet Our Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Global Leadership

Our experts develop the TMT business models, strategies and capabilities—technical and human—that spark transformation, insight, innovation, and value. They’re supported by a global network of data scientists, digital business leaders, IT experts, and thought leaders in areas such as people and organization, marketing and sales, and pricing. It’s a holistic approach that we apply across TMT.

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