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Nature-Based Solutions

Companies are increasingly looking to adopt comprehensive environmental strategies, including nature-based solutions, that look at their footprint beyond their greenhouse gas emissions to all along the value chain. We help companies create nature-positive strategies and integrate nature-based solutions to climate change into their business.

The planet’s ecological biodiversity provides vital services, including climate regulation, water storage and filtration, and air purification. And what is the estimated value of those resources? In excess of $150 trillion annually. Yet, human activity continues to endanger the natural world. We are in the midst of Earth’s sixth mass extinction event, with one-fifth of the world’s countries now at risk of ecosystem collapse. Forward-looking companies understand that there is a compelling business case for building a nature-positive operation, finding synergies between climate efforts, and reducing the environmental impact of business.

Our Approach to Nature-Positive Strategy and Nature-Based Solutions

Nature and climate are inextricably linked; loss of ecological biodiversity exacerbates climate change. And nature-based solutions will play a critical role in capturing and reducing atmospheric carbon and enhancing adaptation and resilience. BCG helps companies understand the environmental impact of business and build comprehensive environmental strategies that align business priorities with planetary boundaries. This includes designing a holistic nature-positive strategy that addresses businesses’ contribution to deforestation, plastic pollution, and more:

Our Nature-Positive Partnerships


WWF. BCG launched a global partnership with WWF in 2012, working with the organization on numerous projects—globally, regionally, and locally. We worked closely with WWF in the lead-up to COP15 to advocate for an ambitious global agreement on nature. Our work supports WWF’s mission to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and build a future in which people live in harmony with nature.

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Science-Based Targets Network (SBTN). BCG has partnered with SBTN to support the organization’s efforts to develop science-based targets for nature. Our support includes establishing governance and processes to ensure effective work with multiple stakeholders.

Our Insights into Nature-Based Solutions

The Case for Nature-Based Solutions

BCG's Dean Muruven and the World Wide Fund for Nature's Stuart Orr discuss what nature-based solutions are and why they're critical to any company's climate and sustainability strategy.

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Nature Is Banking’s Next Opportunity

Addressing the crisis in the natural world requires an estimated $1.2 trillion in annual private sector investment. Institutions that act next can gain business advantages.


A Partnership Approach to Restoring Landscapes

Zach Knight of Blue Forest discusses how his nonprofit partners with public and private sector organizations to help finance conservation projects and other nature-based solutions.

Meet Our Nature-Based Solutions Consulting Team

BCG’s nature-based solutions consulting team has deep expertise in biodiversity restoration, ecological biodiversity, and nature-positive strategy design. Here are some of our experts in nature-based solutions.

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