Space Sector

Space is no longer the final frontier. It’s an active arena where commercial companies and public sector organizations are gaining competitive advantage. BCG’s space sector consulting experts help clients enter and win the race.

The commercial space sector represents a tremendous opportunity for a diverse range of public and private sector organizations. Governments are looking to spur growth in space, and organizations such as NASA and the European Space Agency are leading the way in the commercialization of space. Incumbent space industry companies are taking advantage of new technologies that will give them a competitive edge here on Earth, while other businesses are seeking to leverage the benefits of space-based technologies. Meanwhile, there’s a new breed of companies built around satellites, spaceports, and orbit infrastructure. BCG is uniquely positioned to help clients across industries achieve their commercial space goals and explore new possibilities that may have once seemed impossible.

How We Support the Commercial Space Industry

The space economy is taking off, but that doesn’t mean players will have an easy time launching their business. We provide consulting to space industry leaders, and we work with governments, established companies, and new market entrants to unlock opportunities in space industry areas across the value chain—from strategy and infrastructure to operations and end-user services.

In today's new space age, our mission is to advance a responsible and sustainable space economy, generate deeper insights about our planet, and enable scientific discovery. BCG’s space sector consulting experts—which include former space executives, engineers, technologists, and manufacturing leaders—have the experience and insights required to help clients realize powerful opportunities in the space industry.

We assist clients with the commercialization of space by providing a wide variety of industry-leading services:

Commercialization of Space Activities

Corporate Strategy

Space Sector Acquisition Strategies

Operational and Cost Performance Solutions

Investment Strategies

Organizational Transformation

Digital Transformation

People Advantage Strategies

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Meet Our Space Sector Consulting Team

Our space sector consulting team takes a comprehensive, cross-functional approach to help our clients generate the greatest amount of value in space—whether or not they see themselves as space industry companies. Our team includes experts from BCG’s core consulting practice, as well as BCG X, to offer tailor-made solutions that address organizational, technical, and other challenges.

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