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Value-Based Health Care

Value-based health care is more than a concept. It is a rapidly emerging practice to transform health care and make it more sustainable by improving outcomes while maintaining or lowering total costs. BCG helps health care organizations adopt this transformative model.

Health care systems have a value problem, and the usual solutions—such as cost containment—are not solving it. For more than a decade, our value-based health care consulting experts have worked with health care innovators to help organizations develop cutting-edge value-based health care strategies in order to improve patient outcomes while maintaining or lowering total costs.

What Is Value-Based Health Care?

Health outcomes vary widely across hospitals, regions, and countries. And this holds true irrespective of the amount of money invested in the systems: those that spend the most money do not necessarily provide the best care. There is growing evidence that a substantial portion of health care spending is, quite simply, wasted on avoidable medical complications or medically unnecessary treatments.

To address these problems, industry leaders have begun to embrace value-based health care. Health systems around the world are systematically collecting, sharing, and analyzing health outcome data by disease group and population segment. By making this data standard and transparent, clinicians can benchmark and compare performance across care sites, document variations in health outcomes, identify best practices, and steer resources toward interventions and practices that have the highest value for patients.

At BCG, we believe this value-based approach is the best way both to improve the quality of care and to curb excess health care spending.

Center for Health Care Value

Our Center for Health Care Value offers tailored solutions to organizations seeking to adopt value-based health care. The Center draws on the firm’s extensive experience in developing and implementing value-based solutions for organizations across the health care value chain, including providers, payers, systems and services; biopharma; and medtech.


The Benefits of Value-Based Health Care

By focusing on—and tracking—the health outcomes that matter most to patients, health care organizations achieve many benefits:

  • Health systems deliver better outcomes more consistently.
  • Innovative, value-adding treatments are identified and disseminated more rapidly.
  • Total health care costs are controlled more effectively, because unnecessary procedures are eliminated, expensive complications occur less frequently, and repeat treatments are avoided.
  • Clinical research is accelerated because evidence is generated more quickly, enabling faster development of improved clinical guidelines.
  • Treatments are better matched to the needs and preferences of individual patients.

Leading the Way in Value-Based Health Care

We have partnered with pioneering organizations to uncover value-based health care insights and drive a common agenda for change.

Our Proprietary Tools and Solutions

Our value-based health care consultants use a variety of proven benchmarks, tools, and frameworks to help track and drive progress toward value-based health care. Examples include:


Our Insights on Value-Based Health Care

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Meet Our Value-Based Health Care Consulting Experts

Our value-based health care consultants partner with leading companies to develop solutions in outcome measurement, health registries, value-based medical care, value-based payment models, value-based reimbursement in health care, value-based agreements, and more.

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