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Postal and Parcel Industry

Large online retailers threaten the postal and parcel market the same way email decimated postal volume. We help postal and parcel industry clients harness digital operations and embrace digital go-to-market strategies to build efficiency, business offerings, and customer loyalty.

In the face of new challenges and challengers, postal, parcel, and logistics services must rethink their assumptions and revisit their operating models. Now that e-tailers have begun to move into delivery themselves, the lines between clients, competitors, and collaborators are blurring. Organizations need help bringing the right strategies into focus.

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Our postal and parcel consultants help companies steer a profitable path through the challenges of today—and tomorrow. Our experts bring deep insights on customer and economic dynamics and the full breadth of our functional capabilities.

Digitization in Postal and Parcel

Building Trust Among Postal and Parcel Customers

Last-Mile Strategy in Postal and Parcel

Sustainability in Postal and Parcel

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    One high-profile example illustrates how postal players can build on both trust and digitization to create new business offerings. Working in conjunction with BCG, Australia Post developed Digital iD. The smartphone app, launched initially with selected Australia Post products, enables consumers to verify their identity online in safe and reliable ways.


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