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Business and Organizational Purpose

Long before corporate purpose became a buzzword, BCG BrightHouse, a global creative consultancy, pioneered business purpose consulting. We unleash the power of purpose—the why driving what you do—to transform your productivity and profitability.

Defining your business purpose is not a creative-writing exercise. And senior leaders cannot craft your organizational purpose at a meeting or purchase it from an agency. We know this because, for a quarter of a century, companies have been turning to us when such efforts fail to deliver better performance.

At BrightHouse, a purpose agency founded in 1995 and acquired by BCG in 2015, we work with companies like yours to excavate true business purpose. And then we help to fully activate and embed that purpose throughout your organization.

Why Does Purpose Matter?

Embracing corporate purpose isn’t about virtue signaling or following the latest business trends. It’s about enhancing the performance of your top and bottom lines by unlocking growth and profits; attracting, retaining, and energizing employees; achieving social impact; and inspiring customers. Consider the profound impact of purpose:

What Is the Purpose of Business?

Your organizational purpose rests at the intersection of who you are and what need you fulfill in the world. It’s the underlying reason your organization exists.

We think of it this way: While mission and vision may change over time, your company’s purpose will not. Your organizational purpose is timeless.

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What Does BCG BrightHouse Bring to Business Purpose?

The field of business purpose consulting has become more crowded in the years since we invented it. But BCG BrightHouse, a purpose agency, is singular in both its perspective and approach.



Truly Unique Perspective

Many of our clients seek to define their business purpose to gain organizational clarity, alignment, and meaning at a critical moment in their development. Some are navigating large-scale business transformation. Others are facing, or are in the midst of, changes in leadership. Still others are at an inflection point in their organization’s trajectory, seeking to turn around or accelerate their business.

To help you find your organizational purpose, we look beyond what you make or sell. We unearth human insights that get to the core of what you bring to the world. And we open the aperture so that you view your business and opportunities through a much wider lens.

Purpose must then be activated and embedded across the organization—in people and culture, strategy and operations, and branding and communications. Only after implementing purpose throughout your entire organization will your company realize the full impact on its performance.

How Does BCG BrightHouse Help You Excavate and Live Your Business Purpose?

We bring business purpose to life in four stages.

Our Business Purpose Examples

BCG BrightHouse works with global companies across all industries as well as with local organizations and nonprofits, helping companies define purpose—and boost performance. Examples of our work include the following; more are highlighted on our site.

Beyond Business Purpose with BCG BrightHouse

Given that BrightHouse is known in the field as the home of purpose, we of course view purpose as an integral element in all our client collaborations. But we bring the same level of creativity, inspiration, and rigor to a broad range of related capabilities, helping companies formulate and implement:

  • Mission and vision
  • Brand purpose
  • Bold commitments in social impact
  • Change narratives
  • Employer value propositions
  • Marketing messages
  • Business innovations

Learn More About Business and Organizational Purpose

The Power of Purpose in Business

What is a company's purpose? How is purpose different from mission or vision? Ashley M. Grice, CEO of BCG Brighthouse, explores how the power of purpose pushes boundaries of innovation and brings clarity to every aspect of an organization.

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Business and Organizational Purpose