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Emerging mobility technologies present tremendous potential for safety and accessibility improvements in urban mobility—but only if the public and private sectors work together to adopt them in a thoughtful and balanced way.

BCG’s extensive resources—delivered by experts in our Center for Mobility Innovation—help our clients in the public and private sectors shape the future of mobility.

We partner with cities around the world to solve urban mobility problems. BCG works with automotive industry clients and providers of emerging mobility technologies to help shape mobility solutions for people and goods, bring them to market, and embed them in cities’ mobility strategies.

Our Approach to Mobility Strategy

Around the world, urban mobility problems contribute to pollution, safety concerns, and disparities in job, health care, and education access. To solve these problems, mobility strategies must integrate with a host of emerging mobility technologies, be customized to a locale, and account for such key factors as population density, public transport options, and street network type.

Urban Mobility Faces Many Challenges

Our approach to the future of mobility follows what’s known as CASE logic:

Connected vehicles will account for 100% of the market by 2035

Autonomous cars will emerge in the next 15 years, with high-driving (level 4) automation featured on 10% of new cars sold in 2035

Shared mobility offerings will account for 15% of urban trips by 2035

Electric vehicles will account for 35% of new car sales in 2035

Our Clients’ Success in Mobility

Our Tools and Simulations for the Future of Mobility

Profit Pool Insights on Mobility and MaaS

BCG has a comprehensive view on the consumer and industry value pools and business model archetypes across the mobility ecosystem.

Urban Mobility Accelerator

This tool helps ideate and design mobility solutions that address city-specific frictions by bringing together local mobility stakeholders and city administrations.

Economic and Maturity Assessment of Shared Autonomous Mobility

BCG taps data and simulations to create city archetypes and forecasts that predict the uptake and share of various modes of mobility within a city or region.

Market Forecasting and Infrastructure Analysis on the EV Battery and Charging Markets

We bring our detailed data and deep insight to help mobility providers and governments evaluate the implications of various battery demand scenarios.

Our Mobility Industry Partners and Centers of Excellence

BCG is proud to partner with our clients, specialty partners, and with other organizations seeking to advance mobility solutions, including:

  • World Economic Forum: We participate in the forum’s Global Autonomous and Urban Mobility Council, which seeks to shape the development and application of emerging mobility technologies for the benefit of humanity. BCG has partnered with the World Economic Forum on urban mobility since 2013. 
  • StreetLight Data: BCG’s partnership with StreetLight focuses on helping cities prepare to adopt micromobility and autonomous mobility. Using StreetLight’s big-data resources, we develop strategies for deploying these new offerings at scale and design services around them. 
  • University of St. Gallen: Our joint study simulated transportation conditions across five urban archetypes, drawing on an extensive analysis of cities across the globe and modeling 1.7 billion trips. We interviewed more than 30 experts on the key success factors and roadblocks facing intermodal and autonomous mobility as well as micromobility. 
  • BCG X: Our tech build and design division, and an important partner in our mobility consulting work. BCG X partners with our mobility consulting teams on advanced behavioral analysis, IT implementations, and corporate innovation.   
  • BCG BrightHouse: BCG BrightHouse works with companies to uncover and articulate the larger “why” behind an organization’s purpose. From there, we can create elevated mobility solutions that drive impact.  
  • BCG’s Center for Mobility Innovation: The center’s expertise ecosystem includes startups, think tanks, and implementers. Our coverage spans intermodal platforms, cars reimagined through Industry 4.0, mobility services, public transport, logistics services, and smart infrastructure

Explore Our Insights on Mobility

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Meet Our Experts in Mobility Consulting

BCG’s Center for Mobility Innovation is a hub of cross-sector mobility consulting expertise, bringing the best of BCG’s automotive; infrastructure, cities, and transport; public sector; and digitization and analytics acumen to our clients.

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