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Agribusiness Industry

To feed the world and drive critical advances in sustainability, the agribusiness industry must adopt new practices while continuing to cultivate its connection to the soil. BCG helps companies across the agriculture value chain prepare for the challenges ahead.

Although its roots date back to the dawn of civilization, the agribusiness industry is anything but antiquated. Modern agriculture businesses are reaching for new strategies, business models, and practices to respond to emerging trends in agribusiness that are reshaping the industry.

BCG has a long history of helping major players throughout the $3 trillion global agribusiness industry value chain in these efforts, including producers of farming equipment, fertilizer, and seed; large farms; commodities traders; food retailers; and agribusiness investors.

How We Help Clients in the Agribusiness Industry

The centerpiece of our agriculture business management consulting work is BCG AgKnowledge, a proprietary suite of tools that provides unparalleled insight and decision support for all types of agribusinesses. AgKnowledge includes:

  • An agribusiness technology competitor database
  • Cost curves
  • Supply and demand forecasts
  • Investment decision making
  • Proprietary data sets across key crops, inputs, and global agriculture products

Because some agribusiness industry subsectors—such as agricultural chemicals and agriculture equipment—spill over into other areas, BCG’s consultants work closely with the firm’s experts in chemicals and automotive. What’s more, to help agribusiness clients modernize their ways of working, BCG combines digital transformation expertise with knowledge of strategic workforce planning, including adopting agile at scale and future-proofing the workforce.

Our Client Work in Agribusiness


Our Agribusiness Solutions

Our agriculture business experts also work seamlessly with BCG specialty businesses.

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BCG X, BCG’s tech build and design unit, supports projects that involve advanced analytics and AI to help businesses grow through data science and technology.

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BCG Platinion

A seamlessly integrated part of the BCG network, BCG Plantinion provides consulting services focused on the development and implementation of business-critical IT architecture and digital solutions.

In addition, BCG has experience helping agribusiness clients in the areas of market and competitive intelligence, business model development, operations, and product planning, including R&D, go-to-market models, agribusiness marketing strategy, and brand management.


Our Insights on the Agribusiness Industry

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Meet Our Agribusiness Consulting Experts

BCG experts work with large agribusiness players around the world on a variety of projects. Among other things, our agribusiness consulting team helps clients reimagine strategy and business models, adopt new technologies, implement large-scale post-M&A integrations, and identify opportunities for investment.

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