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What if your organization could radically streamline digital processes so an update that usually takes six weeks and 50 people could be completed in just five minutes by one person? BCG helps large, complex organizations learn how to accomplish exactly that with DevOps.

DevOps unites business leaders, developers, and IT operations staff in cross-functional, agile teams to transform software delivery by focusing on high levels of technology automation and collaboration. In our experience, DevOps at scale has helped companies reduce software defects by up to 70%, release new code 100 to 200 times more frequently, and get products to market two to four times faster. Companies that have combined DevOps with a standardized and fully virtualized infrastructure have seen IT costs drop by as much as 30%. Such results translate into a crucial benefit: sustainable competitive advantage.

DevOps is a foundational capability to achieve digital ambitions and, therefore, an intrinsic part of becoming agile at scale, getting value from investments in data and digital platforms, and ultimately modernizing the technology function. To put it succinctly, the most ambitious initiatives—from scaling up agile and AI to building for the future—will fail to thrive without DevOps.

How We Help Organizations Scale DevOps

Implementing DevOps locally is relatively simple, but scaling DevOps across all parts of the organization, in complex environments, is a much more daunting task. BCG has delivered hundreds of DevOps projects across a variety of industries—and we understand how to scale DevOps in ways that generate maximum productivity and value for the business. Our DevOps consultants also partner with leading technology companies and cloud providers to deliver the most cutting-edge solutions.

Our DevOps Approach Builds Seven Core Capabilities

Quick Assessment

Sizing the Prize

DevOps Target Operating Model

Automation Toolkit

Large Scale DevOps Implementation

Impact Monitoring


Our Client Success in DevOps

BCG's experience covers the DevOps spectrum, from full transformation to hands-on delivery support. For example:

Deutsche Bahn Netz

In order to optimize utilization and increase efficiency, DB Netz digitized one of its major manual processes: creating a timetable for booking infrastructure routes. With BCG’s support, DB Netz launched a large-scale agile implementation project using DevOps. The project, which involved more than 250 team members, achieved a 70% reduction in system downtime and a 50% improvement in code quality.

ING Netherlands

With fintechs and other new players disrupting the financial-services sector, traditional institutions need to be faster and more flexible than ever before. ING Netherlands is one bank that responded to the new market dynamics by adopting agile practices, completely changing the way it works.


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