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Family Business

Optimizing success across the intertwined spheres of family and business requires trusted advisers that understand the concerns and emotions of owners—and possess deep expertise in the critical management disciplines from strategy to organization.

Family businesses come in all shapes and sizes, but they are prevalent, resilient, and highly successful in all corners of the globe. Family-owned companies share many of the same strategic and operational concerns as their nonfamily-owned competitors. But they also face distinct challenges born out of the complexity of combining family and business concerns. How can families deal with issues across both spheres, sustaining their business value and closest relationships?

Our Approach to Family Business Consulting

In addition to our full range of consulting services on corporate finance and strategy, organization, marketing and sales, operations, digital transformation, and more, we also help families in business navigate their unique challenges, among them:

We develop deep relationships with family business owners. We understand their distinct risk profiles, longer-term growth perspectives, and approach to stewardship. And we develop bespoke solutions for family-owned companies by answering critical questions.

Seven Critical Questions for Family Businesses

Our Focus on Family Business Governance

Although corporations are required by law to embrace formal governance rules, the families that own them are not. But good governance of family businesses is essential. The lack of a clear and mutually agreed governance structure can cause unnecessary conflict and destroy business value. Families need to take four steps to define an effective model for governance of family businesses.


Our Insights on Family Business

The Soft Rules of Family Businesses

The Soft Rules of Family Businesses

Conflicts arising from emotions are rarely about material issues like money or other matters of self-interest. These "soft" issues are often harder to resolve than the "hard" stuff.