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Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is in the midst of a transformational change, driven by global decarbonization, technological advances, cost optimization needs, feedstock changes, and evolving trade dynamics. At BCG, our chemicals consulting team empowers businesses to master these forces, unlocking pathways to sustainable and profitable growth.

Chemicals today play a pivotal role beyond their traditional applications—and are key to achieving global decarbonization and enhancing efficiency across various industries. The future of the chemical industry hinges on its ability to adopt cutting-edge technologies and shift focus from volume to value. But as well as these chemical industry challenges, there are many opportunities, including emerging growth markets and innovative applications spurred by developments in electric vehicles, eco-friendly packaging, and other green solutions.

Transforming Chemicals: BCG’s Comprehensive Approach

BCG’s chemicals consulting team draws on extensive expertise around the globe and along the entire chemical value chain. Based on our profound understanding of chemical industry trends, we shape the value creation agendas of chemical companies worldwide, implement efficient operating models, and boost the performance of company operations.

We serve a diverse range of clients, from global majors to regional and family-owned champions and start-ups as well as industry-leading associations and organizations. We advise across the complete breadth of chemical industry sectors, including petrochemicals, commodity plastics, specialty chemicals, biotechnology, agrochemicals, electronic chemicals, and chemical distribution.

By combining our deep industry expertise, proprietary tools, and proven approaches, we help our clients achieve their net zero roadmaps, create significant business value, realize profitable growth, and build winning strategies and capabilities—enabling them to achieve a tangible impact on their bottom line and on shareholder value.

Here are some of our main areas of focus:

Digital and AI

Strategy and Transactions


Go-to-Market and Commercial Strategies

Our Clients' Success in Chemicals

BCG has proven experience helping chemical companies in five key areas:


Our Chemical Industry Tools and Solutions

BCG’s suite of leading-edge proprietary solutions and tools helps clients capitalize on the latest chemical industry trends by optimizing their operations and making smarter strategic decisions, including the following:

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M&A in Chemicals Tool

Our M&A tool gives clients a holistic understanding of deal activities in the chemical industry. By highlighting sectors and regions that are poised for consolidation or offer promising opportunities, it provides clients with actionable insights while identifying emerging players.

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Value Creation in Chemicals Tool

BCG’s Value Creation tool enables clients to identify the key drivers of both their own and their peers’ total shareholder returns. The tool dissects the contributions from different Total Shareholder Return (TSR) components over time, providing chemical companies with a detailed understanding of how to create value.

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Chemical Distribution Market Model

Our global chemical distribution market model synthesizes information from multiple sources and hundreds of data points from chemical principals and distributors to assess overall market development and forecast developments in specialty chemical products versus commodity products by geography. Our proprietary market model helps both specialty- and commodity-driven chemical distribution companies navigate strategic, M&A, and operational topics across segments and geographies.

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Supply Curves Tool

Through sophisticated modelling, BCG’s Supply Curves tool helps clients assess the impact of capacity expansion, efficiency enhancements, and feedstock price volatility on their businesses’ performance. Detailed supply curves and customized scenarios allow us to forecast the cost competitiveness of different production sites worldwide—today and in the future.

Our Latest Thinking on Chemicals

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Meet BCG’s Chemicals Consulting Leadership Team

Our chemicals consulting team helps companies around the world and across the chemical value chain—from petrochemical companies and specialty chemical products players to chemical distribution companies—shape their growth strategies, navigate decarbonization in chemicals, and tap AI’s potential so they can achieve the next level of performance. Here are some of our leaders on the topic.

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