Data & Analytics

Data and Analytics

Companies have more data—and more ways to use it—than ever before. What they don’t have is time. BCG’s experts in AI and data and analytics strategy build the platforms and the organizations that turn opportunities into value. Fast.

Data is everywhere, streaming across our world through a growing array of sensors, applications, and business models. Much less common, though, are companies that actually use data and analytics to transform what they do and how they do it. Becoming a data-driven organization isn’t easy. It requires not only a vision but a foundation of the right data assets, data governance, talent, and culture. It means getting data out of silos, adopting new ways of working, and developing new skills and even new mindsets. It takes focus—a relentless one—on business outcomes.

BCG’s Approach to Data and Analytics

The data and analytics journey requires a holistic set of capabilities. One of the hallmarks of our data and analytics strategy work is our ability to call on a global network of industry, functional, and technology experts. Our teams combine BCG data and analytics consulting teams with specialized talent to deliver end-to-end solutions—all while enabling our clients to build and scale their own capabilities.

In the right environment, with the right enablers, data and analytics drive growth. We develop the strategic, technical, and human capabilities that take companies from vision to value—and create truly data-driven organizations.


Generative AI

The new wave of generative AI systems, such as ChatGPT, have the potential to transform entire industries.

Our Data and Analytics Work with Clients

BCG’s data and analytics consulting teams have worked with companies across industries to turn data into insights and value.

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The Great Hope for Climate Action

AI is rapidly evolving. Will it provide a much-needed boost to our climate efforts? What does this mean for leaders?


5. Monitor and Measure Your Transformation Progress

Companies that track progress against clear, quantified transformation goals—from start to finish—have an edge when it comes to flipping the odds of success in digital transformations.

BCG-WEF Project: Unlocking Value in Manufacturing Through Data

BCG-WEF Project: Unlocking Value in Manufacturing Through Data

By leveraging data and advanced analytics, companies can provide better products and services, optimize their value chains, and maximize return on capital. Effective data-sharing applications are essential to define key success factors and to enable manufacturers to derive value from their data.

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