Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies hold the answers to fundamental challenges and ambitious objectives. BCG helps clients find the right innovative solutions based on disruptive technology to support every part of their business.

Emerging tech can give companies unprecedented capabilities and competitive advantage. BCG helps clients avoid the hype and choose the ideal solution for their business. Our consultants optimize value from mature resources like AI and evolving tech like advanced robotics, connecting clients with vast ecosystems to unleash these technologies’ full promise.

Our Approach to Emerging Tech

BCG enables its wide range of clients seize opportunities by using long list of emerging technologies that will transform business in the next five to ten years.

Our Early Access to Emerging Tech

BCG has strong ties with leading scientists, academics, and innovators working on tomorrow’s breakthrough technologies. We track emerging technologies as they develop, and we understand how they can create a competitive edge for our clients. Our emerging-tech consulting services include:

Scouting Ecosystems

Combining Emerging Technologies

Focusing on Ideation

Our Client Work in Emerging Technologies


Our Insights on Emerging Tech

The Great Hope for Climate Action

AI is rapidly evolving. Will it provide a much-needed boost to our climate efforts? What does this mean for leaders?


An Investor’s Guide to Deep Tech

The technologies of the future are not for the faint-hearted, but the markets that deep tech opens and the returns that startups realize can be huge.


Can Carbon Help Decarbonize Chemicals?

Carbon transformation, or CO2 to X, is rapidly emerging as an economically viable alternative to fossil fuel-based chemical production. Big companies need to engage.


How Synthetic Biology Can Make a Materials Difference

Synthetic biology is a difficult technology to master and especially tough to scale. Chemical and materials startups and their backers need to find the meeting place of technology capability, market need, and cost.


What CEOs Need to Know About Deep Tech

Any business that has set sustainability goals, produces a physical product, or supports a business that produces a physical product will need to incorporate one or more deep technologies.

Meet Our Emerging-Technology Consultants and Partners

BCG’s emerging-tech consultants are always in step with the latest tech developments as they lead clients to exciting new solutions. Here are some of our experts on emerging technology strategy:

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