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Marketing and Sales

The best marketing and sales organizations are centered around the customer—and rely on analytics, agile processes, and a test-and-learn culture to create more personalized experiences. For many companies, this requires transformation. BCG guides the way.

Companies that win don’t just talk about customer experience. They prioritize it, spotlight it, and transform it. They make things easy: selling and marketing in a way that’s both convenient and relevant to customers.

Traditional approaches don’t foster this seamless simplicity—or the growth it sparks. What’s needed is a new paradigm: an integrated unification of marketing and sales. One that leverages a deep understanding of customers, cultivates experimentation, personalizes experiences, and both learns and moves fast.

We help companies develop the underlying human and technical capabilities—along with the right processes, roles, and culture—that enable a more agile, data-driven marketing and sales organization. The most successful companies don’t throw the switch on a solution. They build on a foundation for growth. A foundation we help create.

Amway China Steps into Its Digital Future

General Manager Innovation Hub Amway China Ken Li talks about the company’s transformation and the tangible impact it has had on the business.

Our Marketing and Sales Solutions

A key challenge in marketing and sales is navigating an ever-increasing array of choices. To help clients focus their efforts, our marketing and sales consultants are supported by unique solutions, methodologies, and expertise.

Marketing, Sales, and Pricing at BCG

In a world of rapid transformation—where customer expectations are changing, growing, evolving, and accelerating faster than ever before—how can companies deliver more breakout and profitable growth?

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Marketing and Sales