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BCG works with companies throughout the IPO process to boost value and proceeds, ease complexity, and position parent and new companies for a successful path in the capital markets.

BCG brings a holistic, end-to-end perspective to the IPO process. Our IPO consultants help optimize IPO proceeds while delving into every facet of an offering. IPOs are highly complex transactions that can involve numerous interlocking business, financial, and legal details. From initial rationale to post-separation technicalities, we work to advance each company’s prospects and market leadership.

Our Approach to IPO Consulting

IPOs don’t always deliver value. Our research shows that three out of ten IPOs with more than $500 million in annual revenues fail to outperform the market in the first year; this rises to about 50% for smaller IPOs. BCG’s IPO consulting services help clients navigate the demanding deal process while maximizing returns and long-term value.

Creating and Executing an IPO Strategy

Every BCG engagement begins with a deep exploration of your business. From there, we launch the IPO process by examining whether an IPO is in fact the best option. A private sale to another industry player, known as a trade sale, or to a private equity firm may be preferable or equally promising.

IPO planning often takes place in parallel with a carve-out process, separating the target entity from its corporate parent operationally and financially. Like IPOs themselves, carve-outs typically are large-scale, high-stakes projects involving complex activities and a multitude of details.

Once a company has decided to pursue an IPO, the real work begins. While IPOs can happen in as few as 6 months, 12 to 18 months is a more realistic timeline to ensure the company is well prepared for its journey as a publicly listed entity.

Our comprehensive, proven approach divides the IPO runway into three phases: conceptualize, prepare, and execute–each aiming to improve the chances of a successful IPO.

Throughout the IPO process, BCG challenges management to take the investors’ perspective and helps find solutions to the following questions:




Supporting Tech IPOs

The technology industry is the fastest-growing sector for IPOs. It also faces significant risks, especially in an uncertain economy. To stand out in a competitive, often volatile tech IPO market, tech startups must offer investors compelling evidence of their potential for long-term success. Together with BCG’s growth tech experts, our tech IPO consultants offer a unique combination of expertise and experience in launching IPOs for tech companies. This tailored, holistic understanding has allowed BCG to play a significant role in supporting the growth tech sector in hundreds of successful cases.


IPO Readiness Assessments for Tech Companies

Meet Our Tech IPO Experts

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