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Successfully navigating the future of the automotive industry requires embracing a new mindset, new products, and new ways of working. BCG automotive consulting experts have the experience and global presence to transform today’s auto leaders and empower the game-changers of tomorrow.

It’s one of the most disruptive periods the automotive industry has ever experienced, and one of the most exciting. Breakthroughs in electric vehicles, self-driving cars, ridesharing, and more aren’t just affecting the industry. They’re poised to change the world.

Over the last hundred years, vehicular mobility has been the engine that transforms society—but companies throughout the automotive industry still have much further to travel.

Our Approach to Working with the Automotive Industry

BCG is dedicated to helping each of our clients design an automotive strategy that’s built around the ability to reinvent and reshape the industry. We help companies throughout the automotive industry:

  • Reengineer automotive R&D to embrace new technologies 
  • Launch large-scale automotive digital transformation projects 
  • Expand into self-driving cars, mobility services, and other new businesses 

To help our automotive industry clients realize bold ambitions, we draw on a deep well of knowledge and experience and a global team of specialized automotive consultants.


How BCG Works with the Automotive Industry

We help our automotive industry clients analyze how major industry trends affect their business, including:

  • Helping to create a cleaner world 
  • Improving safety by reducing traffic accidents 
  • Making mobility more accessible and more equitable for all 

Our automotive strategy specialists have deep industry experience and use issue-specific diagnostics and benchmarks to help clients strategize and prioritize. Then we help them determine how and when to adopt new approaches and products by partnering with them to turn those ideas into concrete actions.

Our work spans the entire automotive value chain—from corporate strategy and shareholder value creation to functional improvement programs and full-scale organization redesigns.

In addition to our functional work, we’ve built six centers to drive automotive-specific products and innovation:

Our Centers of Excellence for the Automotive Industry

Our Client's Success in the Automotive Industry

Forvia Interiors 4.0: Creating a Digital Lighthouse for the Future of Operations

To pioneer a digital transformation of its operations, global automotive supplier Forvia partnered with BCG to define its ambition and implement digital use cases. In this video, Jean-Paul Michel, EVP of Interiors for Faurecia, and BCG’s Alex Miannay reveal how Forvia Interiors is embarking on its mission to become the industry leader in material flow management, transformation, and assembly.


Our Automotive Industry Tools and Solutions


Auto AI: Unlocking the Value of AI in the Automotive Industry

Many AI engagements in the automotive industry never progress beyond proof-of-concept. Our advanced analytics solution uses business and technology expertise to help clients achieve lasting, end-to-end implementations that change the course of the industry, disrupting operations, sales, marketing and more.

Meet BCG’s Automotive Consulting Team

Our Latest Thinking on the Automotive Industry

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Many automakers remain bullish about the future of EVs, but the margins are not there yet. BCG’s Nathan Niese unpacks how the future of electric vehicle adoption relies on boosting its current upside potential.

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BCG’s Brian Collie and Alex Xie discuss competition, EVs, and other major trends in 2024.

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There are a number of opportunities for software players in the automotive space. BCG’s Thomas Weber and Alex Koster examine the landscape and roadmap potential paths for scaling and profitability.

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