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Connected and electric, the future of the automotive industry is taking form—and reshaping the competitive landscape. BCG helps automotive companies both master how the game is played today and transform to win tomorrow.

Now is the most exciting time in the history of the automotive industry. It’s also the most challenging. New entrants are disrupting how the business works, while innovations such as software-defined vehicles and generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) are fueling new opportunities and challenging the status quo. To lead the way, legacy automotive companies must evolve, adopting new business and operating models, new ways of working, and new approaches to automotive strategy.

Our Approach to Automotive Strategy

The automotive industry is shifting rapidly, propelled by new ideas and possibilities. BCG helps companies turn inspiration into innovation, creating the vision that takes them—and the industry—even further, while building the resilience to respond quickly to challenges and uncertainty, such as volatile supply chains. We partner with clients to create a next-generation automotive strategy that accelerates the journey to sustainable mobility and electrifies the future, as well as the cars themselves. And we empower them to seize new opportunities long after we’ve left the scene.

Collaboration and enablement are at the heart of our automotive consulting work. So is our holistic approach. With more than 1,100 experts around the globe and across the value chain, we help companies both new and old develop connected and autonomous vehicles, pursue new businesses, and launch large-scale automotive digital transformation projects. Five key themes stand out:

The Transition to Electric Vehicles

Software-Defined Vehicles

The Power of AI

Supply Chain Resilience

Business Model Innovation

Our Clients’ Success in the Automotive Industry

We work with OEMs, suppliers, retailers, and other players across the automotive value chain to shape the journey to sustainable mobility. Our automotive consulting services have been integral in launching new vehicle manufacturers, transforming established players, and guiding some of the industry’s most successful mergers and automotive digital transformation projects. Here are some examples.

Forvia Interiors 4.0: Creating a Digital Lighthouse for the Future of Operations

To pioneer a digital transformation of its operations, global automotive supplier Forvia partnered with BCG to define its ambition and implement digital use cases. In this video, Jean-Paul Michel, EVP of Interiors for Faurecia, and BCG’s Alex Miannay reveal how Forvia Interiors is embarking on its mission to become the industry leader in material flow management, transformation, and assembly.

BCG’s Automotive Industry Tools and Solutions

To help clients unleash the power of AI, we bring a unique set of enablers, powered by BCG X. These proprietary tools and solutions let automotive industry players uncover new sources of value. They also help us accelerate key initiatives, including automotive strategy, supply chain optimization, and cost reduction in the automotive industry.


Auto AI

Many AI projects in the automotive industry never progress beyond proof of concept. Our advanced AI and analytics solution leverages business and technology expertise to help clients achieve end-to-end implementations that change the course of the industry, disrupting operations, sales, marketing, and more.

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OEMs throughout the automotive industry are under intense pressure to do more with less and streamline the entire manufacturing process. Our integrated AI-powered manufacturing offering brings together BCG’s operations know-how and advanced analytics capabilities to unlock value at scale on the shop floor.

Meet Some of Our Automotive Consulting Team

Our automotive consulting services draw upon a cadre of experts in automotive strategy, connected and autonomous vehicles, the transition to electric vehicles, and sustainability in the automotive industry. We complement these teams with thought leaders across the spectrum of functional and technical areas, from data science and digital transformation to talent strategy and organizational design.

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