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Sales Channel Strategy

To build a strong sales channel strategy, companies need to rethink the way they work with—and offer incentives to—their partners. BCG helps clients ensure that the right elements are in place for the sales channel to grow and thrive.

The tools, data, and analytics that direct sales activity are constantly evolving—and your sales channel strategy must evolve as well. Customers are rapidly shifting how they learn about and buy products and offerings. Acquisitions are rapidly consolidating channel players. New technologies are giving distributors and resellers more choice in what they sell. At BCG, our sales channel consultants help clients navigate these massive shifts, understand when indirect selling is most advantageous, and optimize their sales channel strategy.

BCG’s Approach to Optimizing the Sales Channel

Companies must master our five key rules to optimize digital sales channels:

  1. Embrace as a service.” Ensure you have the right partners—with the right incentives—to sell cloud-based solutions, but don’t abandon the traditional model.
  2. Optimize incentives. Offer a mix of incentives to improve partner economics while focusing partners on your goals.
  3. Modernize relationship with channel partners. Clarify the channel's role, reduce the red tape that often impedes partners, and collaborate to grow sales.
  4. Set up channel partners for success. Spark enthusiasm in the brand through training programs, simplified pricing, and service-friendly solutions.
  5. Deliver the right level of support. Strike the right balance: let the channel do its job while providing resources when needed.
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How We Support Sales Channel Transformations

Our program to address sales channel strategy, as well as sales channel management and effectiveness, can drive significant impact in two to three months. Our focused frontline transformation efforts include:

  • We help uncover opportunities for improvement. There are many untapped opportunities to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales channel model. Solving key strategic, operational, and organizational sales issues can help businesses thrive in challenging environments.
  • We help you generate tremendous value. Companies spend a significant share of revenues on sales. Improving sales channel management can directly translate into additional revenues—and free up resources that can be used to create value elsewhere in the business.
  • We help you optimize sales efforts. The sales function is strongly linked with other company functions, such as marketing channel strategy and services. True sales transformation requires behavioral changes among managers and staff in these areas. Reducing complexity across the organization can lead to significant growth.

Our Sales Channel Strategy Solutions

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Meet Our Sales Channel Consultants

Our sales channel consulting team has driven more than 600 projects helping clients with sales channel strategy, sales channel management, and sales channel transformation over the past five years, across all geographies.

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