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The Art of Scaling GenAI in Software

It’s not just about coding—GenAI is reshaping every stage of the software development life cycle. How can organizations fully capitalize on its benefits?

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation
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Building the Travel Company of the Future

Future-ready travel industry leaders produce superior financial and nonfinancial outcomes by improving their customer experience, commercial excellence, operational innovation, and cost and resilience.

Topics: Build for the Future

Securing Talent for a Tech-Centric Future

As technological transformations reshape the industry, BCG continues to recruit tech talent, adapting roles to thrive in a digital future, says Christoph Schweizer, BCG’s CEO.


AI Will Define the Winners in Business

As AI reshapes company operations, some businesses will flourish while those that fail to adapt quickly may falter, says BCG CEO Christoph Schweizer.


Chrisoph Schweizer on the European Economy, AI’s Impact, and More

BCG’s CEO talks about the state of play in Europe, how AI is remaking the corporate landscape, business growth in the Middle East, and finding tech talent.

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