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The Payoffs and Pitfalls of ESG Due Diligence

A recent global survey reveals that insights gained from assessing sustainability topics are crucial for preserving and enhancing the value of M&A deals.

Topics: Climate Change and Sustainability
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Imagine This... The Next-Gen CEO

The CEO’s role will evolve into something far different: chief ecosystem orchestrator. Responsibilities and the skills required to successfully lead will shift significantly. BCG’s Judith Wallenstein explains how these CEOs of the future could navigate the blurred boundaries among companies, industries, and nations.

Topics: CEO Agenda
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The Innovation Edge for Retailers

Innovative retail leaders invest more in creative endeavors and gain higher returns as a result, according to new research from BCG and the World Retail Congress.

Topics: Artificial Intelligence
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The Race for Advanced AI Chips

The innovation cycle around chips is only just beginning. These are some factors likely to alter the dynamics of supply and demand.

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, CEO Agenda
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