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Preparing for a Successful Tech IPO

How tech companies can prepare the groundwork for a successful IPO.


Carve-Out Opportunities and Challenges for PE Investors

The number-one lever that private equity buyers can use to create value with carve-outs.


The Critical Role of Technology and Data in Post-Merger Integration

Why technology and data need to be at the center of post-merger planning and management.


Capturing the Full Value of Carve-Outs

How to improve retention, increase employee buy-in, and send a message of confidence and strength to investors during a carve-out.


Getting the Carve-Out Basics Right

How to get the basics right when managing carve-outs to create and protect value.


Three Strategic Levers for High-Growth Post-Merger Integrations

How leaders can capture more value and drive post-merger integration success.


Managing People and Culture in a Carve-Out

Best practices for managing the deal perimeter, retaining talent, and communicating with employees during a carve-out deal.


Four Elements for Assessing Readiness for a Divestiture Deal

Four elements must be in place to ensure a successful divestiture.

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