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A Blueprint for the Energy Transition

Achieving net zero will require driving an energy transition with unprecedented speed. That transition promises to have far-reaching implications.

Topics: Climate Change and Sustainability

Developing an Algorithm for Equality

The Female Quotient's Shelley Zalis discusses the impact of disruptive tech on gender equality. Addressing biases in AI and promoting women in leadership are paramount to achieving an “algorithm for equality.”


Timing the Tech Tide in VC Investment

Raj Ganguly discusses B Capital's approach to backing visionary founders, betting on transformative tech, and making the most of the right timing for investments in the AI, healthcare, and climate technology sectors.


The Challenges and Opportunities of AI for Publishers

BILD Group’s Claudius Senst shares insights on the challenges and opportunities in mass media today, from regaining control over audience engagement to the ethical considerations surrounding AI's role in content creation and personalization.


Media Leadership in the Era of AI Transformation 

Vox Media’s Jim Bankoff discusses generative AI’s potential to be the biggest transformation in media since mobile, offering insights for leaders on how to seize opportunities and tackle challenges like misinformation in this new era.

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Featured Insights and Perspectives from BCG