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What Innovation Leaders Do Differently

Identifying high-value inventions or market opportunities and using them to launch new offerings can boost near-term performance and lay the groundwork for long-term success.

Topics: Build for the Future

An Investor-Friendly Way to Measure Climate Impact

BCG's Daniel Oehling talks with GenZero CEO, Frederick Teo, about the new framework they've developed to help investors measure the positive climate impact of different products and solutions.

AI at Work: What People Are Saying | rectangle | BCGX filter

AI at Work: What People Are Saying

How do frontline employees, managers, and company leaders who have a front-row seat for the AI revolution feel about the technology sweeping across the corporate landscape?

Topics: Artificial Intelligence

BCG on Generative AI: How Will Generative AI Shape the Future of Marketing?

Generative AI is revolutionizing marketing by streamlining creativity and making hyper-personalized content possible at scale. It means a two-speed marketing function: one that is industrial in scale, allowing for fast production of assets; and one that requires distinctive assets, requiring marketers to be even more creative than before. BCG's CMO Jessica Apotheker explains what’s possible, right now, with generative AI–and how to get started.


How BCG Helps Clients Address Food Systems and Security

In this video, Chris Mitchell, Managing Director and Partner, discusses the transformation needed to evolve global food systems.

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Featured Insights and Perspectives from BCG