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AI’s Surprises, Innovations, and Big Wins

Over eight seasons, the Me, Myself, and AI podcast has featured dozens of experts who are redefining how companies use AI. Here are some of the lessons they've shared.

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation

Key Themes for 2024

What’s top of mine for telcos as they head into 2024? Google Cloud’s Laurence Lafont and BCG’s Djon Kleine discuss how companies are ready to scale GenAI and use it to optimize costs and boost top-line growth.

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Turning a Personal Challenge into Change

Sam Juraschka’s own health care journey convinced her more had to be done for women’s health. By creating BCG’s InnovateHer team, she built a space for her colleagues to help tackle pressing issues.

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Elevating ESG in Commercial Due Diligence

M&A and investment decision makers must consider the integral connection between a company's sustainability practices and its future performance.

Topics: Climate Change and Sustainability
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Breaking the Cost Barrier on Biomanufacturing

Demand is solidifying for products that use biological processes and genetically modified microorganisms in place of traditional production methods. But for change to happen, costs must come down.


Optimism at Mobile World Congress

Top performers with healthy margins will be able to invest in technology to drive efficiency and growth. But some challenges lie ahead. BCG’s Vaishali Rastogi and Franck Luisada discuss where telcos need a laser-like focus.

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