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Business Restructuring and Turnaround

Sooner or later, all companies face challenges. Our special situations team delivers turnaround and restructuring consulting services to clients facing profitability and liquidity crises.

In a complex business environment, any company can face market shifts, deteriorating profitability, cash scarcity, or a governance crisis. The challenge lies in objectively understanding your situation and intervening rapidly with solutions that ensure survival. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with businesses to help them navigate this complex process. Our turnaround and restructuring consulting experts have led thousands of major corporate turnaround and restructuring programs across industries and markets worldwide.

Our Approach to Business Restructuring and Turnaround

Our team work with BCG’s industry and functional experts to help clients achieve the true goal of a full-fledged business restructuring and turnaround—to overcome a business crisis and return the company to a state of value creation—with strategic actions geared toward all three phases of the journey.

  • Short Term. Stabilize the company, manage the liquidity crisis, and ensure sufficient working capital.
  • Medium Term. Streamline costs and look for quick wins that can generate revenue growth and fund the journey.
  • Long Term. Help leadership teams develop a new strategy for sustainable success.

Seven Actions for Companies Facing a Liquidity Crises

Our Turnaround and Restructuring Services

We have a broad portfolio of turnaround and restructuring services that we customize to fit a company’s unique needs and context, along with regional differences, regulatory considerations, and other factors.

Our Clients’ Success in Business Restructuring and Turnaround

How Governments Can Restructure to Better Serve Citizens

The most progressive governments are restructuring to provide citizens with end-to-end services through a single point of contact.


Our Business Restructuring and Turnaround Solutions

Our special situations team has a collection of solutions to complement their turnaround and restructuring services and make progress with clients from day one. This toolbox includes turnaround levers and estimates by industry; working capital levers and estimates; cash modeling tools; and a battle-proven turnaround management, governance, and steering manual. In addition, the team leverages proprietary BCG products, including:

KEY by BCG. Our proprietary end-to-end program management tool enables companies to manage complexity during every phase of a transformation and secure implementation.

OrgBuilder by BCG. BCG's organizational design software provides a single source of truth to enable organizational transformation and facilitate change management.

cost index tool_rectangle

Cost Benchmark Index. BCG’s index of industry-specific cost benchmarks identifies a company’s potential through the phases of their business restructuring and turnaround journey.

Our Insights on Business Restructuring and Turnaround

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Real Estate in Crisis

The German real estate industry faces a liabilities “maturity wall” fueled by ongoing economic headwinds. Stakeholders can preserve value with operational, financial, and structural remedies.


Tough Times Ahead for Refinancing

According to a recent BCG survey, many companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland may struggle to simultaneously refinance outstanding debt and fund large-scale business model transformation.

Meet Our Turnaround and Restructuring Consulting Experts

Our special situations team has decades of experience supporting companies—across industries and regions—manage their business restructuring and turnaround. Here are some of our experts.

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