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Growth Tech

They’re innovators and disruptors—with a knack for outperforming markets—but high growth tech companies can perform even better. BCG applies the levers that accelerate growth, manage burn, and create more value, more efficiently.

We take a holistic approach to help “growth techs” (high-growth, tech-enabled companies) continue to raise the bar. We support their immediate priorities—such as developing new growth strategies, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing their pricing, marketing, and channel strategies—while setting the stage for continual improvement and relentless innovation. Our aim is to empower growth tech companies to keep the momentum going, so they can outperform the market and have an outsized impact on society.

Our Growth Tech Services

Our growth tech consulting is multi-layered. We support companies that have growth potential on a range of topics so they can grow at scale, manage burn, and expand in the right directions—and in the right ways. But for some companies, a more targeted approach makes sense. That’s why we’ve built our services around four building blocks:

In addition, our growth tech experts partner with investment firms that fund the journey, and work with them in a variety of ways, including collaborating on investment theses and due diligence.

Our Client Work with Growth Tech Companies

We’ve worked with high growth tech companies around the globe that have reaped the rewards that come from accelerating growth to establish themselves as leaders or rising stars in such industries as B2B SaaS, e-commerce, media, biotech, and personal fintech.

Optimizing a Subscription Pricing Model for a CRM Software Company

Achieving Operational Excellence at an Online Trading Company

Realizing Run-Rate Efficiency Gains at a Cloud-Based Collaboration Solutions Provider

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Disruptive technologies and convergences of digital thinking are revolutionizing TMT. Explore our latest insights into Growth Tech and the industry as a whole.

Meet Our Growth Tech Consultants

Collaboration is a hallmark of our growth tech consulting—and it’s also a differentiator. Our growth tech experts leverage BCG’s network of functional and industry talent that, together, propel growth to new heights. We also draw upon world-class technical talent—including the data scientists and analytics experts at BCG GAMMA—with deep experience in topics relevant to growth techs.

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