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Risk Advanced Analytics and Technology

Technology and analytics have revolutionized the corporate realm, providing unprecedented opportunities for efficiency, cost reduction, and ways of working. This new paradigm has accelerated the need for C-suite executives to rethink operating models—especially where risk is concerned.

Our risk analytics consulting experts, data strategists, and technology specialists help companies establish and implement data strategies and architectures that achieve maximum value for the company and its employees. We use new technologies, capabilities, and risk data analytics to transform internal processes, drive innovation, increase resilience, and gain competitive advantage in the market.

BCG’s Approach to Risk Advanced Analytics and Technology

BCG’s data scientists, technology specialists, risk analytics consultants, and risk and compliance experts help chief risk officers and C-suite leaders transform their operations. We leverage advanced technologies and analytical capabilities to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and precision, and enhance ways of working. Building the risk and compliance function of the future is at the heart of our approach, and we are proud to be consistently recognized as a leader in digital consulting services.

  • Data, Architecture, and Digital Platforms. We bring together risk and compliance expertise and technology capabilities to create data, IT architecture, and digital platforms that deliver three to five times the value in half the time and at half the cost. We focus on the core needs of the business—for example, enabling finance and regulatory data convergence in accordance with BCBS 239 policy or building an ESG data platform.
  • AI in Risk and Compliance. We help our clients implement AI in their priority use cases, such as advanced credit decision making, AML transaction monitoring, and trade rules compliance monitoring. We have experience leveraging GenAI to autonomously generate risk scenarios, model potential compliance breaches, and simulate various regulatory outcomes, providing valuable insights to company leadership. BCG is also an industry leader in helping companies develop and implement a responsible AI framework.
  • Increasing Efficiencies and Streamlining Processes. Our best-in-class technology expertise, data analytics, new ways of working, and external ecosystem partners deliver efficiency gains in the business without compromising quality.
  • Ways of Working. We help our clients infuse an innovative mindset with a tailored adoption of new ways of working to spark a data-driven culture, innovation, and new ecosystem alliances, to nurture flexibility, and to drive sustainable results.

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BCG’s consultants bring a diverse range of experiences to their client work with major banks, insurers, industrial companies, and regulators.

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