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Internet of Things

Data shared by the Internet of Things (IoT) offers a powerful opportunity for businesses to design new customer offerings, deliver enhanced efficiencies, and provide unprecedented insight into how to deliver value. Our IoT consultants help unlock the next level of innovation.

IoT leaders understand that, at its core, IoT is a fundamental component—and enabler—of digital transformation. But winning with IoT means connecting more than just devices. It means linking your strategy with your digital journey; employing the right emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and blockchain; collaborating with the right partners and digital ecosystems; and establishing new processes and ways of working.

It’s a tall order, but by understanding the new IoT trends—such as better economics, edge computing, AI and AR, blockchain, and improved connectivity—and how best to leverage them, organizations of all types—businesses, governments, and nonprofits alike—will find that the possibilities for innovation and value are virtually boundless.

Our Approach to IoT Adoption

To harness these trends—and create an IoT strategy that fuels true digital transformation—our IoT consulting team helps organizations consider a number of crucial questions:

  • Where do we build, and where do we buy, across IoT’s six-layer stack of devices, backbone, applications and analysis, security, communications, and services?
  • How do we identify the right partners and digital ecosystems—because few companies will be able to do everything alone—for filling in gaps in our technical and business capabilities?
  • How do we adopt—and facilitate—new ways of working to establish cross-functional alignment and accountability?
  • How do we reengineer core business processes to capture the full value of IoT?
  • How do we develop or acquire the necessary talent, especially in such areas as analytics, AI, and software engineering?
  • How do we create a scalable technical infrastructure that ensures the fast deployment of new use cases?

BCG’s IoT consultants help organizations zero in on the answers—to unlock new revenue streams, efficiencies, and possibilities—using our IoT consulting approach that integrates strategy, technology, and human components to drive the best outcomes.

Our Client Impact in Internet of Things

Partnering to Build a Digital Hub in Turkey

Working collaboratively with Koç Holding, BCG created a scalable digital center of excellence that aims to become a leading analytics and IoT resource.

Shell's MachineMax Revolutionizes Equipment Management with Telematics

Shell and BCG have paired numerous times to reimagine the future and, in the process, have incubated and launched several new businesses. MachineMax, which evolved from an initiative whose initial aim was to find new applications for Shell lubricants, provides an answer to a critical challenge facing the mining and construction industries: how to maximize the productivity of their equipment.


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