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Sustainability Strategy and Transformation

The context for doing business has changed—demanding that companies develop sustainability strategies and innovative business models that deliver both financial returns and positive societal impact. BCG’s sustainability strategy consulting team helps companies do just that to build lasting competitive advantage.

Investors, customers, employees, policymakers, and other stakeholders increasingly expect companies to play a role in addressing critical societal challenges including climate change and economic inequality. In this environment, leaders must reimagine their corporate strategy, portfolio, and business models, and embrace a true sustainability transformation—one that drives innovation, creates value, and enhances the robustness and resilience of the business.

Our Approach to Sustainability Strategy

Companies that drive sustainability at scale create value in a host of ways, from capturing new growth markets and building new revenues streams to higher market valuations and enhanced employee retention. We help companies set a clear sustainability strategy that links positive environmental and societal outcomes to core drivers of competitive advantage and value creation, allowing them to transform their business models and value chains to capture the value they create.


Our Clients’ Success in Sustainability Transformation


Our Insights on Sustainability Strategy


Embracing Sustainability Standards

New global sustainability standards prompt a shift from voluntary to mandatory reporting. BCG’s Veronica Chau and IFRS’ Jingdong Hua discuss company compliance and investor communication.

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A Leader in Sustainability Strategy Consulting

BCG has been named a Worldwide Leader in ESG and Sustainability Strategy Consulting by IDC MarketScape. Find out what sets us apart.

Meet Our Sustainability Strategy Consulting Leadership Team

BCG’s sustainability strategy consulting team helps build sustainability as advantage by designing a business sustainability strategy that’s tailored to each client’s individual needs. Here are some of our experts in sustainability strategy and transformation.

The Sustainable Advantage: Insights on Creating Competitive Advantage Through Sustainability