Bringing employees who identify as LGBT+ together and reinforcing BCG’s core values, especially “diversity” and “respect for the individual".

The Mission

Pride@BCG aims to make BCG the most fulfilling firm for members of the LGBT+ community worldwide to work for a firm that values diversity in all its forms and treats everyone equally in policy and practice.

We foster a network that brings employees who identify as LGBT+ together and reinforces BCG’s core values, especially diversity and respect for the individual, for the benefit of our members, our clients, BCG as a whole, our alumni and our community.

Our Programme

In London, we run a number of initiatives in line with our global diversity and inclusion strategy. These include:

  • Recruitment initiatives, to target top talent from the LGBT+ communities globally, with targeted campus campaigns, sponsorship of LGBT+ student societies in the UK and student events. A pillar of our recruitment initiatives has been our support for EurOUT conference, the premier MBA student and professional LGBT+ event organised by the ‘Out in Business’ LGBT+ student society of the London Business School. BCG has been a founding sponsor and continues to be a lead sponsor since its inaugural event in 2011.
  • Employee affiliation initiatives, to ensure all LGBT+ employees worldwide have the opportunities to succeed and develop at BCG. This includes formal and informal social events, mentoring and career support.

We collaborate with the broader LGBT+ community to promote BCG values and work with numerous partners to help this happen. More specifically, we contribute to research on the economic case of LGBT+ inclusion through our partnership with Open for Business.