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Capital Project Management

Whether it’s a road connecting cities or a path to new revenues, large capex projects require—but often lack—clarity on goals and progress. Our value-focused, data-driven approach to capital project management helps organizations optimize planning, execution, and results.

Large capital projects take time and investment, but they call for other important elements too: alignment with strategy, collaboration among stakeholders, visibility into how things are progressing, and a relentless focus on value. Our capital project management consulting experts help clients pull all these levers, because each is necessary to raise the curtain on capex projects that deliver.


How We Support Capital Project Management

Our capital project management services are anchored by enablement. We provide organizations with the tools, expertise, and ways of working that let them develop large capital projects efficiently and effectively, from start to finish. The idea is to unleash collaboration and data so stakeholders not only work together better, but can correct course quickly as circumstances evolve.

This combination of collaboration and visibility ensures that everything you build or improve, every adjustment and priority, adds value to your capex project. To foster this agile, value-based approach, our capital project management services are built on seven pillars.

Portfolio Optimization

People Journey

Concept Design and Planning

Value Assurance

Project Recovery

Digital Journey

Sustainability Journey

Our Client Success in Capital Project Management

We’ve worked with leading organizations, across industries and in the public sector, on large capital project management to help them break new ground and seize new opportunities.


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Our Capital Project Management Consulting Experts

We are thought leaders in capex planning, but we’re also facilitators, sparking the ideas and conversations that drive large capital projects forward. Meet some of our team below.

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