Go-to-Market Strategy

In emerging economies, the route to market is complicated by limited data and fragmented distribution. BCG’s next-generation go-to-market approach helps companies unlock profitable growth through a digitally enabled transformation of their sales and distribution capabilities.

Today, as in earlier economic downturns, companies’ sales and distribution activities are being squeezed at both the top and bottom lines. And across emerging markets, these pressures are intensified by the complexities that confound go-to-market strategies there, including a scarcity of data on customers and purchases, fragmented and multilayered distribution networks, and variations in how and how well last-mile execution is achieved by sales reps making $100 to $150 a month and operating at 20% attrition rates. To deliver in these challenging—but highly promising—regions, companies turn to BCG for a tailored go-to-market plan.

    BCG’s Go-to-Market Framework

    Our go-to-market strategy consulting experts enable our clients to surmount go-to-market challenges by harnessing our deep local expertise and diverse global teams to drive sustainable business impact.

    We help companies reimagine their go-to-market plans and reinvigorate their performance by embracing an integrated approach across the sales and distribution landscape.

    We've identified comprehensive levers for go-to-market transformation:

    Channel segmentation, overall strategy, and objectives

    Optimizing front-end trade spending

    Featured Client Work in Go-to-Market Strategy


    Our Go-to-Market Tools and Solutions

    We bring a rich arsenal of analytical tools, proprietary databases, and playbooks to help our clients win in emerging markets:


    Smart Digital Solutions Suite

    Our proprietary digital applications and analytical solutions across the sales and distribution landscape can be customized and prototyped rapidly.


    Go-to-Market Assessment Toolkit

    This toolkit comprises more than 50 use cases spanning 10 digital themes and multiple industries. We help companies understand their starting position and estimate the size of the prize.


    Proprietary Point-of-Sale and Distribution Benchmarks

    BCG has compiled a robust database of more than 60,000 retail outlets and 1,500 distributors across more than 10 categories. For top cities, the database provides details on retailer and distributor demographics, business performance, revenue size, and infrastructure.


    Partnerships with Disruptive Go-to-Market Startups

    We have forged partnerships with more than 25 go-to-market startups that deliver sales process intelligence, capability building, pricing, channel finance support, and influencer management.


    E-Commerce Playbook

    We have developed a comprehensive playbook that captures detailed knowledge and best practices in go-to-market strategy from more than 50 companies across 10 broad and 50 specific levers.


    Change Management

    Our go-to-market strategy consulting experts deploy innovative change management techniques to drive capability building in go-to-market execution through immersion sessions, gamification, coaching, bootcamps, and robust performance management.

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