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Emerging Markets

Despite all the changes in the international economy, emerging markets will remain critical to growth in most global industries. But such markets aren’t monolithic, so we help companies identify differentiated approaches so that they can succeed in each one.

GDP growth in many emerging markets will continue to outpace that of developed markets for the foreseeable future. But while the appeal of emerging economies is great, so too are the challenges that they present to even the world’s most experienced companies.

The growth prospects, consumer behavior, social and political context, and local competitive environment differ widely from one market to another, as well as among product categories. Adding to the complexity, building businesses in emerging markets often requires operating in data-dark environments, with little insight into consumer preferences and purchasing behaviors.

Our Expertise in Emerging-Market Consulting

Our experts have their finger on the pulse of these emerging economies, and we partner with clients to capture the opportunities that emerging markets present.

Why Emerging Markets Remain the Future

As 2 billion new consumers come into the global market—in China, India, Indonesia, and much of Southeast Asia—it will take a long time for the per capita incomes of emerging markets to catch up to those of consumers in the US and Europe. But consumers’ aspirations are the same around the world, explains Janmejaya Sinha, the BCG’s chairman in India.

Building Businesses in Emerging Markets

We have cultivated a powerful, experienced, and well-connected presence on the ground in the world’s rising hot spots.

Broad and Deep Expertise

As a leader in emerging-markets consulting, we bring a global team of local-market experts. We mobilize this vast network to collaborate on critical topics including go-to-market strategies, digital ecosystems, joint ventures, and strategic alliances in emerging markets.

Thorough Understanding

Our broad expertise in emerging-market strategy consulting is supported by the BCG Center for Customer Insight, one of the world’s richest sources of data. Covering 4 billion consumers in 35 markets, CCI provides us with a nuanced understanding of evolving behavior, sentiment, spending habits, and consumption patterns.

Competitive Insights

We conduct proprietary research that delves into the strategies and models that drive success among leading domestic and regional competitors in emerging markets. For more than a decade, we have tracked the rise and development of “global challengers” that are becoming multinationals in their own right, rising “local challengers” such as multilatinas and African Lions that are emerging as regional players, and hard-charging, up-and-coming “local dynamos.”

The Key Drivers of Emerging Market Growth

Four megatrends are shaping the future of emerging markets:

Meet Our Emerging-Markets Consultants

Examples of Our Work in Emerging Markets


Forging Sustainable Change at Tata Steel

When one of the world’s biggest steel companies ran into a crisis, it successfully launched a major change initiative—and integrated the ability to change into its DNA.

Accelerating Go-to-Market Strategies

We collaborated with Celcom Axiata, one of Asia’s largest telecommunications companies, to create an e-wallet and lifestyle app called Boost. In less than two years, it became Malaysia’s leading cashless platform—a digital ecosystem of 17 banks and a growing list of more than 125,000 participating merchants.

Unleashing the Power of Consumer Insights

We conducted an end-to-end customer experience transformation for a leading cinema operator in India. The team leveraged deep consumer insights to reimagine the cinema-going journey for consumers—physically and digitally—and built a top-five loyalty program with a first-in-market personalization engine.

Our Latest Thinking on Emerging Markets

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