The Digital Designs of Reza Ali

To further the unique identity of the new, we partnered with Reza Ali, the digital media artist, to develop parametric imagery that tells a story for each area of expertise.

As a digital artist, Reza uses algorithms and computer codes to create new images that are unconstrained by traditional design methods. His unconventional approach allows him to express ideas fluidly—from idea to actual implementation. Reza created custom images for BCG based on key words within our "Challenge Statements," short paragraphs describing the current climates of various industries and functions.

Working in Systems

Q&A with Reza Ali, the design engineer from California who created parametric artwork for the new

What makes your work unique?

I think what’s really unique is the fact that my process involves writing algorithms and using computers in creative ways to produce the work. My background is in graphic design but also in mechanical and electrical engineering. I take on really non-traditional projects that involve some sort of creative problem-solving using new technology.

What is your design philosophy?

My design philosophy is to work in systems…Design is, to me, highly mathematical and geometrical. Everything’s a shape. Compositions are shapes together. If you think about the number of shapes on the page, it’s very mathematical.

What was special about working with BCG?

[BCG] really stands out as a company who is embracing innovation and new types of thinking, especially because the work that I do is so experimental in a lot of people’s eyes…I’m excited that BCG is creating partnerships with artists because it enables us to do more interesting and creative work, and it’s starting to set this model for companies to really be patrons to artists and designers.

Artistic Partnerships