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Massive infrastructure projects challenge governments, transportation authorities, real estate developers, and engineering and construction firms worldwide. BCG provides the building blocks that public- and private-sector clients need to succeed.

Profound shifts in urbanization trends demand profoundly different approaches to infrastructure. Governments, for example, have come to view infrastructure as a key driver of both economic growth and citizen well-being , while the private sector is under increasing pressure to tap smart technologies and pursue green infrastructure.

At the same time, construction projects have grown larger, riskier, and more complex—even as budgets for capital project management face challenges globally. As a result, infrastructure players need help delivering on time and on budget while rethinking how new construction projects and capital projects are selected, executed, and managed.

BCG’s infrastructure consulting experts help governments and other organizations overcome the challenges related to planning and implementing infrastructure strategy. We engage across the public and private sectors to help organizations capture new opportunities and respond to evolving infrastructure industry trends.

Meet Our Experts in Infrastructure Consulting

Engineering and Construction Consulting

Engineering and Construction

The engineering and construction industry generates 6% of global GDP and employment. Tapping into this engine for economic growth requires that project owners—typically governments—possess a clear vision of emerging trends in the industry and a commitment to bold decision making.

Our team comprises a deep roster of practitioners from the engineering and construction industry. Over the past five years, we have delivered more than 600 projects around the world. We remain at the forefront of the trends that are reshaping the industry, such as advanced building materials and construction methods, onsite lean operations, and smart technologies.

We serve clients across the entire continuum of the engineering and construction industry.

BIM Accelerator Program

BCG’s holistic approach to digital transformation helps clients unleash the full potential of 3D building information modeling (BIM)—and ultimately improve project returns by 20%.

Shell's MachineMax Revolutionizes Equipment Management with Telematics

Shell and BCG Digital Ventures have worked together on many occasions to reimagine the future of business. This time, they sought to address an important challenge for the mining and construction industries: how to maximize the productivity of equipment.


Real Estate

Real estate is the largest asset class in the world. But despite its impressive scale, the industry has historically been slow to embrace innovation—a problem that has persisted even as it has entered a prolonged period of disruption and unprecedented change. BCG aids players of all types in both capitalizing on and defending against the emerging trends.

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Transport Infrastructure

Effective planning, funding, construction, and management of transport infrastructure around the world have the potential to enhance accessibility and facilitate trade, improve mobility, generate greater employment opportunities, and boost overall economic productivity.

Our teams work across a variety of transportation infrastructure categories to enable owners, investors, construction players, and operators to achieve outsize returns in every segment of the business.

Our Infrastructure Offerings

Our infrastructure consulting team employs BCG’s deep and renowned experience in strategy, organization, commercial excellence, and operational excellence. We also offer unique infrastructure expertise in:

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Sustainability & Climate Resilience

Our teams go beyond technical solutions to address the unprecedented global impact of climate change on transportation systems. We also deliver a shared vision and strategy as well as action plans that can be implemented to build resilience into transportation infrastructure.

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M&A and Post-Merger Integration

BCG research shows that fewer than half of all acquisitions generate value. As the sector consolidates, therefore, engineering and construction companies will require both a strategic approach to M&A and a tactical approach to integration.

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Large Capital Project Management

We ensure that project owners and contractors unlock value through such methodologies as lean construction and BIM.

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Digital & Analytics

We bring our clients robust digital programs that support organization transformation as well as the processes for bidding, construction, and postconstruction asset management.

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Investment & Financing

We help finance transportation and other infrastructure projects through a combination of public and private funding sources.

Featured Insights on Infrastructure

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Building a Brighter Future for Airports

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A Framework for the Future of Real Estate

The impact of COVID-19 has highlighted the need for buildings and cities to be liveable, sustainable, affordable, and resilient—four pillars that outline a vision for the future.

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